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Open API: The Public Gardens of Intent Signal Data?

Posted April 19, 2016

Open API: The Public Gardens of Intent Signal Data?

Posted April 19, 2016

There’s something about gardens that draws people in. No less a personage than Julius Caesar built extensive private gardens for his own use before he donated them to Rome, the equivalent of Mark Cuban creating Central Park in the middle of New York and then giving it to the city, free of charge. Similarly, technology is the garden of business, built and cultivated to help companies achieve their goals and prosper, while Open APIs are like opening those gardens for other companies to draw on.

What is an Open API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is made up of a set of requirements allowing one piece of software to “talk” with another. Open APIs are publicly available for all developers to access and lets those developers access backend data for their own applications. Which brings us to how Anteriad decided to create an Open API.

Why Create an API?

While we were working on the next set of enhancements for the InsightBASE™ platform, we were asked to create custom apps that could be integrated with existing marketing automation software. Further feedback suggested there were opportunities for us to expand the reach of Anteriad™ intent data signals beyond our existing base.

As a result, the InsightBASE API was designed as an “open” platform, able to easily leverage the power of the InsightBASE platform and incorporate with third-party programs, including Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, and Salesforce. The InsightBASE API is the first of its kind in the (specify) industry, as it enables developers to easily plug smart Relevance Engine algorithm data into their own applications, making this intelligence even more broadly available to the marketing community.

Built for Marketers

While not as visible as Caesar’s gardens, Open APIs have a broader impact. By working with their developers, marketers can have the Intent Signals™ data brought to them in a format they find easiest to digest and act upon. From there, marketers can use the data to reach specific prospects anywhere within the marketing ecosystem and deliver value, the most beautiful rose in the intent signals data garden.