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Why marketers pair content syndication with programmatic

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Get ready to grow your business with takeaways from our recent report. We asked your peers what they’re doing and what’s working so you can learn from their successes. One finding of the 2024 B2B Marketing Outlook Report research stands out: marketers who use programmatic and content syndication are outperforming their peers.

We’re breaking down the findings and showing you how these marketers are approaching their digital strategy differently and seeing the results pay off.

Before diving into the benefits of cross-channel campaigns that leverage content syndication with programmatic, let's explore how content syndication and programmatic advertising can individually and collectively transform your marketing strategy.

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The benefits of content syndication

Content syndication is a tactic that lets you share your content on another organization’s property to expand your reach. These programs can run through email, websites, social media and more and fit well in a multichannel campaign.

Content syndication is a powerful tool for expanding your audience. This is one of the reasons it can be so beneficial for the 58% of marketers who are exploring new demographics or industries and expanding market segments. Plus, content syndication users are highly confident in their targeting; 58% of content syndication users report they are extremely confident in targeting the right audiences.

Marketers who run content syndication drive better results. Don’t just take our word for it, look at some of the data from our recent research.

data call out


Revenue impact

More marketers using content syndication reported a significant increase in revenue growth last year. Compared to their peers, 40% more content syndication users report a significant increase in revenue.


Positive outlook

Anticipation of revenue growth in 2024 is higher among content syndication users. About 20% more content syndication users anticipate a significant revenue increase in the coming year.

Strategic priorities

There is a notable focus on aligning sales and marketing goals and experimenting with new tactics among content syndication users compared to the rest of their peers. 60% of content syndication users prioritize alignment on GTM objectives, whereas only 46% of other global marketers do. Additionally, 57% report testing new tactics compared to 48% of non-users.

Greater confidence

This group is highly confident in their ability to target the right personas and ICP and that they have the right data strategy in place. Compared to 49% of non-users, 58% report they are extremely confident in targeting the right audiences. 55% of marketers using content syndication are extremely confident in their data strategy compared to just 44% of all others. 

The benefits of programmatic

Another standout tactic B2B marketers are using to get ahead is programmatic advertising. Even though only 28% of global marketers in our study are using programmatic to reach their target audiences, it is paying off for the ones who are.

Programmatic advertising gives you the ability to spread your reach across channels to get in front of your audience wherever they may be. By using advanced automation, programmatic advertising quickly places and optimizes ads to get the most impact out of your budget. With programmatic, you can target your audience through digital channels like display ads, CTV, and online video. Curious to learn more? Here is our popular Programmatic FAQ to answer any lingering questions.

abm campaigns


Revenue growth

Programmatic advertising users saw higher revenue increases in the previous year. 37% of programmatic users reported significant increases in revenue vs just 27% of non-users. Looking at the year ahead, they continue to have greater expectations with 46% reporting they expect significant revenue increases compared to 33% of their peers.

Audience insight

Programmatic users are using more data to understand their audiences. These marketers are nearly 2x more likely to use intent data to reach their target audience than those who do not use programmatic.

Confidence in marketing abilities

Users report significantly higher confidence in targeting the right personas and ICP, running effective account-based marketing, and that they have the right data strategy. When it comes to targeting the right audience as well as running account based marketing, 60% of programmatic users feel extremely confident in their abilities compared to only 48% of the non-users. 59% of programmatic users feel extremely confident they have the right data strategy in place—a quality we found correlated with better results across the board in our 2024 outlook report.



Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X are more likely to use programmatic and content syndication than Boomers. 

Content Syndication
  • Gen Z & Millennials (29%)
  • Gen X (32%) 
  • Boomers (11%)
  • Gen Z & Millennials (29%) 
  • Gen X (27%)
  • Boomers (18%)

Cross-channel campaigns win: Content syndication and programmatic

While content syndication and programmatic are strong tactics on their own, when they’re combined in a cross-channel campaign strategy is where we really see the magic happen.

Marketers who report using both content syndication and programmatic advertising are more likely to also be incorporating other channels in their strategy. 59% of these marketers are using 4 or more channels vs 43% of all others. Both of these channels complement a wide variety of tactics, allowing marketers to seamlessly build cross-channel campaigns that help them drive pipeline and close more deals.

The data shows that content syndication and programmatic marketers have an advantage over the rest of their peers.


Higher revenue

Marketers employing both techniques reported significant revenue increases at a rate almost 2x the rest of their peers. In 2024 they expect to keep growing, with nearly half expecting significant increases in revenue compared to only 32% of their peers. What’s even more telling is that marketers who run both of these programs together also report seeing significant revenue increases more than the marketers who are running one or the other.

Better lead generation

These marketers are confident in their ability to drive new leads. About 30% more expect a significant increase in lead pipeline generation compared to their peers who don't run these types of cross-channel campaigns. content-synd-programmatic-pipeline


Increased confidence

These marketers know what they’re doing. They’re confident because they can prove their strategy is working through the real results they’re driving. More marketers who use both programmatic and content syndication report they're extremely confident in targeting the right personas and ICP, have the right data strategy in place, personalize campaigns effectively, and execute account-based marketing. When compared to their peers who feel the same way, programmatic and content syndication users come out ahead.



Programmatic and content syndication users (using both) are significantly more likely than those not using both to feel highly confident in their ability to:



  • Target the right personas and ICP (67% vs 47%)
  • Have the right data strategy in place (67% vs 41%)
  • Personalize our campaigns effectively (61% vs 52%)
  • Execute account-based marketing (71% vs 49%)

Diving deeper into the data, we see that certain types of companies are more likely to be using these strategies than others. Larger companies are slightly more likely to be using both strategies; 38% of those using both are from companies with 5,000+ employees compared to 30% of those using neither. Those marketers who use both are more likely to have a role with a global scope (55% use both) than those with regional or local responsibility (41%). They’re also more likely to be working in global markets than those who don’t use both. 

What’s interesting here is that there are many marketers who could benefit from using these strategies but are not currently using them. Both strategies can be executed cost-effectively and without adding to your tech stack, but many marketers may not know where to start.

Partnering with a marketing solutions provider that can help you run both, and give you the expertise on how to fold these channels into your cross-channel campaigns, takes pressure off your team and gives you confidence you’re driving the most impact. Our recommendation is to find a solutions provider who can help you execute your campaigns while also providing you with a solid foundation of B2B data.

Follow these takeaways when planning your next digital campaign strategy:

1. Adopt an integrated approach

Combining content syndication with programmatic advertising enhances the reach and precision of marketing campaigns. Try running both to reach your audience across multiple channels, increasing the chances they’ll engage and remember your brand.

2. Focus on data

High confidence in data strategies correlates strongly with improved results. With the sheer amount of data you may have to sift through, being confident in your data strategy is especially important when running cross-channel campaigns. Investing time into your data hygiene and management practices is crucial. If you don’t know where to start, work with a data partner to improve your data strategy.

3. Expand channel usage

Programmatic and content syndication are a great start—but they’re only the beginning. The marketers who are seeing significant increases in revenue are using 4+ channels to reach their audiences. Test out other channels like managed email or paid social as another way to target your audience.

Why Anteriad

We start with data. We partner with you to use data-driven insights to build stronger campaigns that grow your pipeline. Whether you’ve never run programmatic or content syndication, or you’re ready to optimize and improve on past campaigns we’re here for you. We can help you review your current digital strategy and determine the best channels to layer into your campaigns to boost your efforts and drive results.

The market doesn’t lie—buyers rate us higher than the other guys. According to an Advertiser Perceptions survey of the AdPros Community, Anteriad leads the market on ROI, quality of leads, audience targeting capabilities, ability to orchestrate in multiple channels, retargeting capabilities, and service and support.

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