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Cookie Fraud Prevention Policy

The purpose of this Cookie Fraud Prevention Policy is to establish best practices for Anteriad. To observe with regard to administrative, physical and technical safeguards designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its Cookie data.

Anteriad may make use of outside vendors when providing services and fulfilling obligations.  To the extent such vendors are used, the Security Administrator is responsible for (a) ensuring the vendor is contractually obligated to comply with this Policy and all applicable laws and regulations governing Protected Information; (b) monitoring the vendors’ compliance with those obligations; and (c) bringing any such vendor’s non-compliance with the obligations of this policy to the attention of Anteriad’s top management.

Anteriad implement the following Systems/Processes:


    • Spikes in Complaints and Withdrawals
    • Fraud Incident Response Documentation
    • Checking Marketing Analytics Before, During, and After Campaigns

SSL Certification

Anteriad SSL Certification – SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts the data before it’s transferred. So even if a hacker manages to steal it, they can’t read the data.

Security Plugin

Anteriad have an active Plugin’s firewall that prevent hack attempts on our website and block malicious IP addresses. Plus, it scans our site regularly and alert us if any malicious code has been entered by a hacker.


Updating Website

Always keep your website up to date, this includes maintaining and updating software to ensure there are no vulnerable spots on our website that hackers can exploit.

These updates not only carry new features and bug fixes, but they also fix security flaws from time to time.

Website Hardening

Anteriad have undertaken hardening measures that are implemented on our website. This includes using strong and unique usernames and strong passwords, blocking PHP execution in unknown folders, disabling the file editor in themes and plugins and more.