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Optimize reach across channels with our self-service solutions, featuring high-fidelity B2B data and custom audiences.
Boost sales with expert BDRs and SDRs focused on prospecting to closing with key decision-makers.
Enhance engagement with buyers using our managed services, which leverage global B2B data and proprietary technology.
Access insights for data-driven decisions and trend analysis in marketing with our analytics services.
Streamline demand generation and programmatic advertising with our award-winning integrated platform.

BDR + SDR-as-a-Service

Personalized outreach, perfected by data.

Unlock leads. Elevate conversations. Our expert teams engage with decision-makers daily, understanding pain points and buying cycles. Personalized experiences guaranteed.

Need help identifying and activating your audience, executing digital campaigns, gaining in-depth marketing intelligence, or an integrated platform to bring it all together? We do that too.

B2B Marketing Success

Working with Anteriad, this eLearning software company experienced:

  • 1790 MQLs delivered
  • $1.5M closed revenue delivered by BDRs
  • Global sales pipeline of 9.5M
  • Expanded US company to UK, France, and DACH regions
  • Met revenue requirements and launched successful IPO



Anteriad BDR-as-a-Service

Supercharge your sales efforts with our highly trained BDRs who act as an extension of your team, expertly handling prospecting, lead qualification, and nurturing. Enjoy a flexible, scalable solution that allows you to quickly adjust your sales resources, leveraging advanced data and multilingual support to consistently build and enhance your sales pipeline effectively and economically.

  • Expert project manager & multilingual training: Our BDRs ensure global outreach and are fluent in 26 languages. They receive continuous training and guidance throughout campaigns from a dedicated project manager and technical sales coaches, guaranteeing high quality leads.
  • High-quality lead conversion: Specialized in nurturing leads into Sales Ready Leads, ensuring your sales team receives fully vetted, interested prospects through our efficient Warm Handover™ process.
  • Cost-effective time-based model: Enjoy a comprehensive, fixed 20-day monthly model that covers all employment-related costs, providing a simple, predictable billing structure without hidden fees.
  • Enhanced lead generation & market expansion: Extend your reach with high-quality, warm leads and native multilingual support to effectively expand into new markets.
  • Flexible resources & comprehensive data insights: Maintain campaign momentum with adaptable resources and access rich, multi-sourced data to deepen your market insights and refine your B2B strategies.
  • Content marketing & nurturing programs: Add on content strategy enhancements with a dedicated team of writers, marketers, and designers, creating personalized content that can be put into action, engaging and nurturing leads throughout the funnel.


Anteriad SDR-as-a-Service

Revolutionize your sales strategy with our specialized Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) who manage every step of the sales process, from prospecting to closing. This flexible solution adapts to your business needs, offers extensive multilingual support, and reduces customer acquisition costs.

  • Expert management & multilingual outreach: Our SDRs offer global outreach in 26 languages, receiving continuous training and guidance from dedicated project managers and technical sales coaches to guarantee high-quality leads.
  • Strategic global expansion & targeted sales: Enter new markets smoothly with native-speaking SDRs and collaborate on a target-oriented sales process that aligns with your revenue goals and integrates seamlessly with your existing teams.


  • Flexible, cost-efficient scaling & commission-based model: Adapt the size of your SDR team to fit sales cycles and budget constraints, reducing recruitment costs by up to 44%, and benefit from a commission model that minimizes upfront costs, enhancing deployment speed and efficiency.

Anteriad Enhanced Intent

Expand your BDR-as-a-Service offering and digital campaigns with this add-on, integrated service. Harness precision intent data verified by human intelligence and refined with AI, ensuring GDPR-compliant insights into buyer interest across EMEA to deliver targeted engagement and a guaranteed number of high-quality leads monthly.

  • Integrated human verification & AI accuracy: Our approach combines thousands of local language calls with advanced AI, ML, and NLP technologies for a seamless process that ensures precise and compliant intent verification across the EMEA market.
  • Contact-level detail & consent assurance: We provide direct access to enriched decision-maker profiles via LinkedIn Sales Navigator, integrating digital and human verification to ensure consent for trusted engagement.
  • Enhanced deliverables & targeted outreach: Our integrated campaigns collect intent signals through BDR calls, analyze them with AI, activate digitally across platforms like LinkedIn, and confirm via follow-up calls to ensure accuracy and relevance in our outreach.
  • Strategic insights & higher conversion rates: We leverage deep market insights and targeted engagement to achieve higher conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and tailor solutions specifically for your target audience.
  • Maximized ROI & data-driven strategy: Focus your efforts on active prospects through an integrated strategy that combines real-time data with actionable insights, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing decision-making.

Anteriad Promoter Program

Elevate your market presence with our B2B service that utilizes highly trained product promoters to directly connect with potential partners and customers via calls, emails, and LinkedIn. Our multilingual experts offer a scalable and cost-efficient solution to expand your reach and boost brand visibility in new markets, seamlessly educating end users and channel partners without the overhead of additional staff or offices. 

  • Extended reach & field sales: Access new markets and specific segments like mid-market and public sectors with tailored outreach, with Promoters located in your desired markets, eliminating the need for a physical office presence, and increasing sales volumes without direct sales teams. 
  • Flexible & customized campaigns: Adapt and customize your marketing efforts to specific business needs without hiring full-time staff in new territories, leveraging our agile and scalable solutions. 
  • Proven growth & strategic alignment: Achieve proven sales results and enhanced channel partner engagement through targeted educational and co-selling activities, all while aligning closely with your overall marketing strategy. 
  • Localized expertise & full campaign management: Utilize our multilingual promoters' deep cultural understanding alongside our end-to-end campaign management for effective market entry and expansion. 
  • Product expertise: Educate manufacturers, distributors and end users as Promoters specialize in a specific product from your offering and use this product expertise to inform and train users and partners on use cases and benefits of implementation.   

Use Cases


Land and expand

With native language support in 26 languages,  expand your reach EMEA, APAC, NA and LATAM markets from day 1, with the local cultural awareness you need to adapt your outreach strategy.

Maximize your pipeline

Effectively move leads to sales-ready status, by identifying and verifying lead readiness for follow-up, scope, or additional nurturing. By analyzing your database, we can gain insights into past obstacles and buying behaviors, enriching your data and advancing leads through the sales funnel.


Channel management

Take advantage of our tailored marketing service for channel partners to enhance demand generation and expand global market coverage by acting as an extension of the partner’s marketing team, enabling seamless campaign implementations.

Web stats

Increase conversions

Experience up to a 300% uplift in conversion rates with our unique Warm Handover process, designed to deliver high-quality, verified leads that are primed for engagement.

Powered by Anteriad B2B Data

Data is at the core of everything we do. Our proprietary, privacy-compliant global B2B data leads the industry in depth and scale. We provide verified, complete and campaign-ready information that drives results. Our hyper-granular firmographic, contact and intent data equips you with the information you need to reach the right buyer.

We provide:

  • Multi-channel information to increase your reach across digital, email and direct marketing campaigns
  • Firmographic, demographic and technographic data to target the right audience
  • Contacts at 100% of Fortune 1000 companies
  • In-depth contact-level data including title, function, purchase activity and social validation
  • High-quality, clean, and complete data analyzed and processed by our proprietary hygiene techniques and advanced AI

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Maximize pipeline with personalized and data-driven outreach.