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Case Study

eLearning Software Provider launches successful IPO with data-driven pipeline program

1.5M closed revenue
9.5M pipeline
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results


A US-based eLearning software provider faced the challenge of launching in the EMEA markets to boost their sales pipeline in preparation for an upcoming IPO. To meet these critical pre-IPO revenue requirements, they turned to Anteriad for strategic sales support and expertise.


The company found great value in the BDR + SDR-as-a-Service offering to meet the pressing revenue goals. They launched a pilot with Anteriad.

Ultimately, Anteriad helped the company meet its pre-IPO requirements with these strategic initiatives:

  • Regional Focus: Initiated the market entry by targeting key regions: the UK, France, and the DACH region, setting the stage for a robust market presence.
  • Lead Generation Goals: Set an ambitious target of 90 MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) per month to build a strong, consistent pipeline.
  • Resource Allocation: Increased the number of dedicated Business Development Representatives (BDRs) to ensure the achievement of set targets.
  • Process Optimization: Implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance the efficiency and speed of lead delivery.
  • Data Optimization: Restructured the existing database to maximize the utility of limited data resources available.


Anteriad’s tailored approach and comprehensive sales strategies can help companies successfully enter new markets and achieve significant financial milestones.

For the eLearning Solution Provider, this meant:

  • IPO success: The client not only met their revenue requirements but also launched a successful IPO.
  • Continued partnership: The success of the pilot phase led to a contract renewal, reaffirming the effectiveness of Anteriad’s strategies.
  • Lead generation success: Delivered 1790 MQLs in less than two years, significantly surpassing initial targets.
  • Revenue impact: Generated €880K in closed revenue through the efforts of Anteriad BDRs.
  • Market expansion: Following the initial success, the project scope expanded to include the US market, with SDRs (Sales Development Representatives) managing the full sales cycle.
  • Increased revenue in the US: Achieved $1.5M in closed revenue delivered by Anteriad SDRs.
  • Global pipeline growth: Contributed to building a global sales pipeline valued at $9.5M, showcasing the scalable impact of strategic sales support.
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