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Sustainability Policy

At Anteriad we take global climate change very seriously and are aware of the impact that can be made through initiatives at a corporate level and in our supply chain, as well as through empowering our employees to make sustainable choices.

Our key initiatives include:

    • Energy efficiency through IT buying: we know that the technologies we use internally can have a significant impact on our energy consumption. We have an ongoing renewal program to ensure that we make more energy efficient tools available – replacing desktops with laptops, reviewing the sustainability of our data centers etc. We also ensure that we dispose of our IT waste responsibly.


    • Energy efficiency in our office space: we continue to consider energy efficiency in our workspace, implementing smart controllers, sensors and timers. We are currently replacing all the lighting in the office with more energy-efficient options.


    • Reducing waste: we have designed our office space to generate the minimum amount of waste possible. We are aiming for a paper-free environment; we limit access to the printers and offer all our training materials and documents online. Employees are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles to take advantage of the filtered water we provide, and there are no disposable cups available. We choose sustainable options where possible.


    • Empowering our employees and partners: we encourage everyone in the Anteriad family to play their part. We have an employee-led team of Green Champions who consider initiatives around recycling, transport, and training.

We are conscious of our responsibility to protect our planet and welcome support as we continue to improve in our efforts.