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Self-service solutions providing high-fidelity B2B data with custom and always-on audiences to help you reach the right people across all your channels.
Managed services to help you identify the right buyers and drive full-funnel engagement with our high-fidelity B2B data and proprietary technology.
Gain insights to help you make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of emerging trends in the marketing landscape through business intelligence and analytics services.
Manage your demand generation and programmatic advertising all in one place with our integrated platform—an award-winning self-service or managed platform to address your specific business needs.

Anteriad Marketing Cloud

Manage your demand generation and programmatic advertising all in one place with our integrated platform—an award-winning self-service or managed platform to address your specific business needs.

This proprietary technology connects key Anteriad solutions, bringing together B2B audience data, customer acquisition, and marketing intelligence and analytics.

Step 1


  • Multiple datasets
  • Target market analysis
  • Buying group identification
  • Highly validated contacts
  • Identity resolution
Step 2


  • Demand Orchestration
  • Cross-channel optimization
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Intent-driven content syndication
  • Unified user interface
Step 3


  • CRM + MAP integration
  • Measure campaign analytics
  • Real-time reporting
  • Optimize for maximum ROI

Get access to:

  • Intuitive, real-time reporting tools so you can monitor performance and quickly reallocate resources for the best ROI.
  • Audience segments to publish across multiple channels with just a single click.
  • Insights on exactly which account-based marketing (ABM) targets, named accounts, and buying groups are actively in-market to drive sales.
  • Content syndication to get your message to the right buyers.
  • Intent topics recommendations in select markets enabled by Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help you reach prospects most likely to engage and convert.

What this means for you:

  • Start selecting data and pulling reports quickly using the easy-to-learn user interface.
  • Be confident you’re using accurate, up-to-date information to power your campaigns since our technology is infused with and built around our proprietary data.
  • Simplified audience building with the help of AI.
  • Manage everything in one place with our integrated platform.


Anteriad B2B Data

Define and export highly targeted audience segments and B2B buying groups. Then, cleanse and augment your database with our extensive firmographic, demographic, and intent data (powered by our intent categorizing engine). Push segments to your DSP or platform of choice to equip your teams with current, intent-powered data. Data includes US and International unless specified:
  • Industry
  • SIC, NAICS, LinkedIn
  • Employee Size
  • Revenue
  • Intent Data (US)
  • Technology Install (US)
  • Job Function
  • Job Level
  • Job Title
  • Skillset (US)


Use Cases


Data Solutions

Verified intent, demographic, and firmographic data feeds can be customized and fully integrated into your marketing technology stack

Programmatic Display

Intelligently target and retarget digital advertising to drive maximum brand impact and accelerate demand generation programs

Content Syndication

Co-branded email campaigns, full-funnel tele-qualification, and TripleCheck® lead verification ensure that your message is reaching real decision-makers


Programmatic + Social Activation Channels

B2B Marketing Success

Gigamon logo

Heading into the fourth quarter of 2021, the Gigamon marketing department set a high bar for their ABM campaigns. The goal was to bring in as many net-new names from key accounts as possible for the last three months of the year. To achieve success, Gigamon knew they needed a trusted partner.

Working with Anteriad, Gigamon experienced:

  • 80% reduction in cost per lead from ICP accounts
  • 90% net-new names coming into their database from ICP accounts
  • 40% increase in click-through rate on their programmatic display media
  • 40% decrease in cost-per-visit to their website from ICP accounts


CRM & Marketing Automation Integrations

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