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Case Study

Gigamon and Anteriad reduce cost per lead of ICP accounts by 80% and increase net-new names with ICP accounts by 90%

80% reduction in cost per lead
90% net-new names in database
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results


Heading into the fourth quarter of 2021, the Gigamon marketing department set a high bar for their ABM campaigns. The goal was to bring in as many net-new names from key accounts as possible for the last three months of the year. To achieve success, Gigamon knew they needed a trusted partner.

There were a number of obstacles facing Gigamon to improve ROI and drive growth. They needed to reduce overall cost per lead to stay within budget—and do so within a tight turnaround time. Developing a robust strategy, optimizing marketing tactics, and increasing spend efficiency were all key challenges Gigamon had to overcome to be successful and build momentum moving into 2022.


In their search for a partner to help boost ABM results, Gigamon chose Anteriad.

After taking the time to understand Gigamon’s needs, we at Anteriad determined that the optimal approach would be to utilize cookie audiences across Gigamon brand campaigns and global intelligent campaigns. These cookie audiences offer insights from a much broader set of actions than what Gigamon could collect on their own property and provided the opportunity to increase reach and improve targeting at the same time. 

We leveraged our marketing cloud, a leading B2B contact and intelligence database component of their industry-leading ABM solution. Using this robust and highly selectable B2B database, we created custom multi-channel audiences aligned to Gigamon’s ABM list and target personas to reach more net-new contacts within key accounts. 

We then activated four multi-channel campaigns, deploying Gigamon-branded emails to specific targets and delivering custom digital audiences to its demand-side platform (DSP) for activation within display campaigns. We were able to further customize digital audiences by executing the email portion of the program, successfully aligning audiences with the exact profile of contacts receiving emails and delineating contacts that engaged with the email but did not click through the email for prioritization within display.

In addition to the strategic expansion of multi-channel reach into Gigamon target accounts, our team also provided all contacts that engaged with Gigamon email campaigns to power intelligent database growth and email nurture campaigns. 


Working with Anteriad, Gigamon experienced:

  • 80% reduction in cost per lead from ICP accounts
  • 90% net-new names coming into their database from ICP accounts
  • 40% increase in click-through rate on their programmatic display media
  • 40% decrease in cost-per-visit to their website from ICP accounts

“The Gigamon team had difficult ABM goals in front of them, but together, we were able to implement a robust solution that targeted their ICP accounts with a top-to-bottom strategy to drive more qualified leads at a lower cost than what they had gotten in the past,” said Eric Newell, Vice President, Strategy and Customer Success at Anteriad. “This approach provides a great foundation for Gigamon to continuously test and improve on their strategy and we’re excited to partner with them on that journey.” 


Customer Testimonial

We had a lofty goal to dramatically improve the scale and reduce the cost of our ABM program at the same time. Anteriad really came through with a solution that worked quickly, but that also lays the groundwork for long-term success. The benefits from Q4 are just going to continue. Anteriad is helping us create a more efficient funnel with quality conversions to the pipeline. They understand current market conditions and guide us through the process with modern B2B marketing models.

Marina Lemas
Integrated Demand Marketing

About Gigamon

Gigamon is a leading network visibility and traffic monitoring company. Gigamon offers visibility across a company’s entire hybrid cloud network, helping organizations achieve better customer experience, minimal security blind spots, and decreased cost and complexity. With a promise of simplifying and securing networks for premier enterprise companies like Bank of America and Under Armour, Gigamon needs a top-notch marketing strategy to reach the right stakeholder at the right time. 

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