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Optimize reach across channels with our self-service solutions, featuring high-fidelity B2B data and custom audiences.
Boost sales with expert BDRs and SDRs focused on prospecting to closing with key decision-makers.
Enhance engagement with buyers using our managed services, which leverage global B2B data and proprietary technology.
Access insights for data-driven decisions and trend analysis in marketing with our analytics services.
Streamline demand generation and programmatic advertising with our award-winning integrated platform.

Audience Identification + Activation

Your target audience, perfected by data.

Define, identify, locate, and activate your next customer and all buying group members. We can help you customize the right solution and support level. 

B2B Marketing Success

Working with Anteriad, OpenText experienced:

  • 25% increase in Inquiry to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) conversion
  • 30% increase in MQL to Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) conversion
  • 6x ROI over previous in-market content and audience recommendations

Anteriad B2B Data

Identify and target the right buyer with proprietary, privacy-compliant global B2B data. Get access to intent, technographic, firmographic, and contact data along with a membership co-op, identity resolution, data management and advanced audience selection.

  • Precise targeting and audience confidence: Identify and engage your ideal buyers with pinpoint accuracy, backed by detailed contact information, social validations, and insights into purchasing behavior. 
  • Seamless integration: Effortlessly access diverse audience selects and fill in data gaps with ease.
  • Advanced data hygiene: Ensure that your data is consistently clean, updated, and accurate with AI-driven techniques.​
  • Real-time optimization: Drive campaigns forward instantly with actionable insights on intent, response, and purchase behavior.​
  • Unparalleled scale and accuracy: Tap into over 2,500 sources and 180 million global contacts with an impressive 90% accuracy rate.
  • Ownership and speed: Take full control of your data and deploy campaigns swiftly with ownership and quick processing.​
  • Premium data quality: Enhance your campaigns with industry-leading processing and AI analysis for superior data quality
  • Effortless scalability: Expand your marketing seamlessly with ready-to-scale solutions tailored to your needs.


Anteriad Programmatic Audiences

Elevate your reach and enhance campaigns with programmatic marketing that is fueled by high-quality data. Based on your campaign goals, get access to always-on or custom B2B audiences.

  • Enhanced targeting: Harness ABM, Lead Response Retargeting, Behavioral, Contextual, Radial, and Geotargeting for precise ad delivery across various platforms and devices. Reach highly engaged audiences using our proprietary intent signals.
  • Dynamic audience options: Access syndicated and customized audiences to enhance your targeting efforts. Enrich your datasets with data appending for comprehensive precision.
  • Fully integrated campaigns: Launch responsive campaigns across multiple channels tailored specifically to your target audiences.
  • B2B intent data advantage: Connect with engaged audiences using our proprietary intent signals and accelerate sales cycles with over 1,000 intent segments. Leverage our live online taxonomy for strategic campaign planning.
  • Deep customer journey insights: Understand buyer journeys by leveraging impactful personas.
  • Data confidence: Ensure compliance and security through our identity resolution methodology, prioritizing data privacy and industry standards.

Use Cases

Customer Acquisition

New Customer Acquisition

Leverage leading B2B data coverage combined with contact and site level intent and transactional behavior to meet specific B2B demand generation goals

Persona Development

Derive the most impactful personas in a customer journey

Improve Programmatic Performance

Reach the right audience efficiently with thousands of syndicated audience selects or create a custom audience to activate on any channel

Data Monetization, Licensing, & Enrichment

Enrich and append in-house customer data and ensure data is reliable and up-to-date

Our data powers:

  • Lead generation
  • Account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Data licensing
  • Customer acquisition
  • Data hygiene and enrichment
  • Digital audiences
  • Display advertising
  • Site retention and reactivation

B2B Marketing Success

causal iQ logo

Putting our data to the test, Casual IQ saw 52% higher click-through rate and 52.5% lower cost per acquisition.

We believe in the power of our data but wanted to put it to the test and prove it. We ran a test with Casual IQ to compare.


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