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AnteriadJanuary 3, 20245 min read

7 reasons content syndication should be a part of your integrated strategy

Content syndication is a proven technique for increasing website traffic, lead generation and bolstering brand awareness. How do you know if your company could benefit from adding content syndication to your strategy?

Why B2B brands turn to content syndication

Content syndication can be used to reach a wide range of goals. From boosting awareness to finding unknown members of buying groups, you can customize how you run your program to get the results you need. With its long list of benefits, content syndication deserves a spot in your integrated strategy. Here are just 7 of the many reasons why B2B brands lean into this tactic.

1.   Content syndication builds brand awareness

Content syndication offers an engaging way to both build brand awareness and provide a catalyst for salespeople to initiate a meaningful conversation about your brand. Also, a strategically planned initiative powered by intent data can promote your company in places where your best prospects are to investigate solutions like yours. By getting in front of your prospects on trusted sites or through targeted content syndication emails you can build brand authority and increase awareness.

An active online brand presence also benefits your buyers because:

  • They’re more confident about you as a partner because your brand is showing up in online places they value and trust.
  • It provides a vehicle for them to engage in a conversation around a topic they’re interested in learning more about.
  • Buyers assume active brands are more trustworthy and produce reliable solutions.

2.   Content syndication drives new leads

If your content marketing isn’t driving the leads you expect to see, this is your sign that content syndication could be the spark that fires up your pipeline. Distributing quality content that readers find valuable encourages social shares (brand value) and attracts new prospects.

To attract more and better quality leads, make sure your content addresses specific issues of interest to those actively expressing intent around topics related to your solution. Publishing useful, educational content to an intent-driven audience distinguishes your brand and generates leads that are actively engaged in a buying cycle.

3.   Content syndication boosts website traffic

Content syndication platforms can distribute content across a broad spectrum of potential customers, while still allowing targeting. As long as the content you publish is useful and relevant, you’re setting your program up for success. You can distribute frequently on syndication networks, but readers won’t follow the links to your site if your content isn’t engaging to them. Think about your ideal customer’s pain points and needs and tailor your content to address them. When you offer a useful piece to them, it makes your audience more likely to click. If you’re on the right track, your content trail will eventually lead in-market buyers to your website.

4. Content syndication is more effective with intent data

While intent data is a powerful tool for many marketing tactics, when coupled with your content syndication strategy it can take your program to new heights. Intent data gives you an inside look into who is in-market for your product or services so you can time your outreach to hit them at the perfect time with messaging they truly care about.

Intent signals reveal: 

  • Which accounts are actively seeking your product?
  • Which content is most likely to resonate with them?

Even with limited resources, B2B brands find they can deliver better prospect experiences with an intent-powered content syndication strategy. Work with an intent data provider who also offers managed services like content syndication to get the best results.

5. Content syndication complements other tactics in your multichannel strategy

Content syndication works well as an additional touchpoint in your campaigns. You can start with content syndication to first engage your leads and then retarget them with tactics like programmatic display or managed email to nurture them down your funnel until they’re ready to buy.

Running an integrated campaign is effective because you’re more likely to make an impression on your target audience. By getting in front of a prospect through different channels and at different times you’ve got a better chance at reaching them when they’re ready to consider a purchase.

6. Content syndication can help you expand your buying groups

B2B purchases are almost never decided on by an individual, but rather, these decisions are made by a buying group. This buying group is a group of individuals with different job titles and often across different departments who are responsible for making a purchase decision. By understanding who is part of the buying group, you can improve your targeting across your campaigns to reach the right people at the right time in the buying journey.

To start with buying groups, analyze the job titles of contacts from past accounts to look for patterns. The patterns that emerge will give you insight into what titles make up a typical buying group at your target companies. Using this information, you can target similar titles through content syndication to get any additional contacts in the buying groups at your prospect accounts. From there you can retarget these accounts more effectively and increase your chances of conversion.

7.   Your competitors use content syndication

Not only are your competitors using content syndication, they’re driving results with it. By capitalizing on this proven tactic you can keep up with the competition and, if you’re strategic, even get ahead. Don’t let potential buyers hear only your competition’s voice. How do others in your space apply content syndication? Get in the game by devising a more calculated strategy using intent data, and you’ll outperform them hands-down.

Where to go next with content syndication?

Content syndication can be the boost you need for this year’s strategy. By launching a content syndication program you can see all of the benefits above and more. From choosing the right asset to receiving your first round of high-quality leads, Anteriad can help you get the most our of content syndication.