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Case Study

Major IT Marketing Provider sees 133% lift with Anteriad B2B marketing solutions

6x ROI
133% campaign lift
  • Challenge
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A major provider of marketing and sales support for IT resellers found that the old ways of reaching customers and generating new leads needed to be updated as more buyers moved online. They still relied heavily on in-person meetings, phone, direct mail and events, while their buyers responded better to a mix that included email, online content and other forms of digital marketing.


The company turned to Anteriad to create a new strategic approach to reseller marketing. They wanted to lean into digital channels to create a “marketing-first” approach that could generate more leads, better qualify leads before they reached the sales team, and nurture those leads through the pipeline.

Anteriad helped the company better serve their partners by:

  • Creating a data-driven approach to set the stage for targeted digital marketing – Audience identification showed that much of the partner community were early adopters to certain online channels, helping resellers make smart budget allocations.
  • Increasing the use of programmatic advertising on display, video and CTV – Use programmatic media buying to reach key target audiences based on data analysis.
  • Transitioning direct-mail strategies to email – Expanded reach with email, including people that had shifted to hybrid and remote work.
  • Creating attribution models to measure account-level activity and optimize spend over time – Measured results at the account level to shape future spend and strategy.


Anteriad’s focus on data and digital marketing channels has helped their client’s customers dramatically improve the performance of their marketing.

  • 4.5x increase in percent of the company’s customers marketing budget allocated to digital marketing (from 8% to 26%)
  • 133% increase in targeted campaign performance using Anteriad’s unique intent-based insights.
  • 250% higher click through rate than industry average (.25% vs .1%) for those channel advertisers
  • 6x ROI for one of the company’s customers, turning a $48,000 investment in digital advertising into more than $300,000 in new business

Thanks to their customers’ success, Anteriad’s reseller client is growing at 99% year-over-year.

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