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Ken LordyMarch 20, 20244 min read

4 ways to elevate your multichannel marketing with intent data

No two customers are alike. This is becoming more and more clear in today's highly fragmented marketing landscape. Understanding and catering to the diverse preferences of customers has never been more crucial. As new marketing channels, platforms, and technologies emerge to meet the evolving needs of buyers, organizations face the challenge of staying relevant amidst the noise.  

The solution? Leveraging multichannel marketing to ensure your brand's presence across all key platforms, providing consistent brand messaging to engage customers effectively.

The power of multichannel marketing to reach your audience 

Multichannel marketing is a strategic approach to increase the likelihood of connecting with your target audience by providing multiple opportunities for engagement on different channels during a campaign. But how can marketers optimize their efforts and scale their campaigns without overspending? Integrating intent data into your multichannel marketing campaigns ensures you only focus on the prospects that are likely to buy—saving you time and money that could have been wasted on larger prospect pools of out-of-market individuals. 

1. Targeting your audience with precision 

The success of your multichannel marketing campaigns begins with selecting the right audience. In a world where buyers are constantly bombarded with ads, relevance is key. You can craft campaigns that resonate by establishing a clear understanding of key characteristics of your target audience, like: 

  • Job titles 
  • Education levels 
  • Industries 
  • Organizations  
  • Pain points 
  • Content preferences 
  • Event attendance 

Utilizing intent data enables marketers to refine their audience targeting, ensuring that your multichannel marketing efforts hit the mark. 

2. Streamlining campaigns with a marketing cloud platform 

A marketing cloud delivery platform can significantly enhance the execution of your multichannel marketing campaigns. By facilitating seamless collaboration between marketing and sales teams, unifying data, and providing access to a rich library of content, marketing cloud platforms empower teams to engage prospects effectively throughout the buyer's journey. This coordinated approach ensures that even if a prospect isn't ready to convert immediately, they can be nurtured toward a future purchase, maximizing the impact of your multichannel marketing efforts. 

Our Anteriad Marketing Cloud lets you monitor intent data to see what topics audiences are showing interest in, showing you when members of your target audience are actively in-market for your products or services. From there you can launch multichannel campaigns and monitor performance, all in one platform.  

3. Diversifying your channel strategy 

An effective multichannel marketing strategy involves identifying the most impactful channels for your brand. Every content channel and the type of content published there serves a different purpose. Research where your prospects spend the most time and customize your message according to the appropriate marketing channel. A marketing services provider should guide you in the appropriate amount of channels, which channels, and frequencies of ads as it relates to your goals and budgets. 

Components of a multichannel marketing campaign include:  

  • Content Syndication  
  • Paid online search  
  • Direct mail  
  • Search engine optimization  
  • Social media  
  • Print advertising  
  • Programmatic Display  
  • And more!  

By continuously testing and letting data guide your decisions, you can optimize your multichannel marketing approach for better brand engagement and conversion rates. 

By looking at the intent data of your target audience, you’re able to see some of their online activity and the types of content they’re interacting with. This can give you a good idea of the channels you should start with. For example, if you see that members of your target audience are engaging with social posts around your topic, paid social may be a good channel to start building your campaign around. 

4. Automating the lead nurture process 

Automation plays a critical role in the efficiency of multichannel marketing campaigns, particularly in lead nurturing. Streamlining the process of lead qualification and nurturing through automation ensures a cohesive content experience for prospects, aligning nurturing messages with the broader content strategy to enhance engagement and conversion rates. 

Be more strategic with your nurture campaigns by placing your leads in custom nurture streams based on intent topics. You can create automated workflows that add leads into specific streams based on their intent data and the content they engage with. By doing this, you’re likely to be giving them content that resonates with them and helps them move through the buying process faster. 

Boosting multichannel marketing campaigns with Anteriad 

Anteriad can significantly enhance your multichannel marketing campaigns by providing high-quality, validated data, enabling precise targeting and increased conversion rates. By orchestrating engagement across all channels and leveraging real-time reporting for optimization, Anteriad helps align sales and marketing teams, driving enhanced account engagement and faster deal conversions. 

  • Reach the right audiences and increase your conversion rates: We provide quality data to ensure you reach the right audiences. Highly validated, company, contact, and intent data to uncover buying signals from buying groups, companies, contacts, and devices across every channel.  
  • Focus on the right accounts to drive higher conversions: Orchestrate engagement across all channels and normalize data so that sales and marketing have a single source of rich and accurate data. Engage buyers with accurate information and highly customized content based on their intent signals.  
  • Drive engagement across every channel and increase your pipeline: Execute integrated marketing campaigns at scale and measure your campaign results with ease. Align sales and marketing teams to understand and track account engagement across multiple channels. Use real-time reporting for cross-channel optimization and personalization and convert deals faster.  


Mastering multichannel marketing is essential for brands aiming to thrive in the modern digital landscape. By focusing on targeted audience engagement, leveraging technology for streamlined campaign execution, diversifying channel strategies, and automating lead nurturing processes, businesses can achieve remarkable results. 

Build your multichannel marketing strategy on intent data to elevate your brand's presence and connect with your audience more effectively than ever before. Learn more about incorporating intent data in How to use intent data: Follow in the Data Heroes’ footsteps. 


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