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Rob SanchezSeptember 20, 20222 min read

The Success of a Marketing Campaign Relies on Data

Rob Sanchez, CEO of Anteriad – With the arrival of fall, many B2B marketers get serious about budgeting and strategy for the coming year. In 2023, data is a priority. If you haven’t taken a look already, I encourage you to check out our recently released report, “The 2022 Outlook on Data and Technology: A Year of Herding Cats and Black Holes.”  In partnership with Ascend2, our report uncovers the direct link between the effective use of data in B2B marketing and improved company performance. 

We found that a clear data strategy, and effective use of data across systems and channels is strongly correlated with business success. For example, two-thirds of B2B marketers report their organizations do not have a comprehensive data strategy in place to inform marketing, but those who do are 3.6 times more likely to report excellence in deriving actionable insight from data compared to those that do not. We also found that both marketing leaders and the teams that execute campaigns are prioritizing data next year, albeit in differing ways. While leaders are focused on improving their tech stacks, marketing teams are focused on usable data.  

As you create your data-driven strategy, Anteriad is here to help. We work with the world’s leading B2B marketers to make the most of their data and activate their insights to get out ahead of the competition with relevant, effective campaigns. 

In this spirit, we’re incredibly proud to announce that we’re one of the first B2B marketing companies to be certified by Neutronian, for our superior data quality and compliance. The Neutronian Certification is a rigorous process that confirms that Anteriad operates with the highest level of data integrity – giving you a best-in-class partnership. 

We’re also excited to be bringing some of the greatest minds in B2B marketing together at our flagship event The Technology Marketing Exchange coming up September 27-28 in Half Moon Bay, CA. Fittingly, this year’s theme is INSIGHTS – deriving value from data and applying it to create more effective marketing. With speakers from brands like Forbes and Cisco as well as leading analysts from Winterberry Group and more, attendees will get the most cutting edge thought leadership to help inform their 2023 plans. 

If you can’t make it to California, we have some great regional events scheduled, starting with our 14th annual Get In Front: Milwaukee, which will bring marketing leaders together in the midwest for a day of discussion, networking and learning.  

There’s also a steady stream of thought leadership that we’re publishing on our site to keep ideas flowing, including a recent guide: How to Develop a Demand Strategy. This resource and the many others, from our blog to our webinars, are there to help you get in front of your next customer, faster.  


Rob Sanchez

Rob Sanchez, an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur, has served as Anteriad’s Chief Executive Officer since 2012 and leads the vision and strategy for the company. With a career in B2B that has stretched over 25 years, he is recognized as one of the data industry’s most tenured and trusted experts and established the company as a dominant player in global B2B marketing solutions. Rob has been a member of the executive leadership team at Anteriad since its inception in 2000 and served as a Managing Partner from 2009–2012. As one of the original partners of Anteriad, he launched and grew the company’s OmniChannel suite of services into a robust Performance Marketing platform.