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Managed services to help you identify the right buyers and drive full-funnel engagement with our high-fidelity B2B data and proprietary technology.
Gain insights to help you make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of emerging trends in the marketing landscape through business intelligence and analytics services.
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AnteriadMay 24, 20235 min read

4 reasons to use B2B marketing managed services

While B2B marketers are used to wearing many hats—our recent research shows marketers are feeling spread thin under mounting pressureThey need to do more—often with less—to move the needle and show their impact. So, many turn to solutions providers for in-depth data and services to support their strategies or outsource certain marketing functionsThese solutions range from self-service to fully managed services.  

Managed service vs. self-service solutions 

Self-service solutions are created and offered through a B2B marketing solutions provider but are ultimately implemented and run by your in-house marketing team. One example is purchasing data to use in a campaign you run yourself. With managed services, a solution provider delivers full execution. One major perk is that it takes the workload off your team’s plate so you can focus on other priorities. Marketing managed services offer a range of benefits, from data-driven expertise to scalability.  

Both self-serve and managed solutions have their benefits and can help you get closer to your goals. In this blog we’re outlining 4 reasons why working with a managed services provider could be right for your team. 

      1. Expertise and specialization 

B2B marketing managed services are typically offered by providers with extensive experience and expertise in various areas. Some examples of these solutions are managed email campaigns and full-service search engine marketing (SEM) management. A part of these services and data providers’ job is to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. Because of this, they can deliver high-quality marketing strategies and campaigns. By leveraging their specialized knowledge, businesses can access a level of expertise that may not be feasible internally.  

Being able to rely on a managed service provider to guide your strategy frees bandwidth on your team so you can focus on your other efforts and drive more impact.  You can also be confident that your programs are optimized based on your provider’s real-world experience.  

In our recent study, we found that using managed services gives marketers a confidence boost. Managed service users feel significantly more confident in their use of intent data than self-service users. 




       2. Scalability and flexibility 

Working with a managed service can give you more flexibility to pivot your strategy. For example, if your goals shift or you are not meeting the marketing benchmarks necessary to meet your goals, you can meet with your managed service provider to change where you are focusing your efforts. You can, of course, change strategy on your own without a managed service provider, but the extra guidance can help you make efficient and effective changes. A managed service provider will also be able to help you get campaigns to market faster. Some solutions providers offer hybrid or custom services so you can blend your approach between self-serve and fully managed solutions to best suit your needs. 

Think about this scenario: You work with a managed service provider to run a lead generation campaign. You’re happy with the leads generated but recognize that they will need to be nurtured before they will be ready to convert. If you’re working with a managed service provider who offers a variety of solutions, you can work with them to pick the best nurture strategy for your company. Since they’re already well-versed on your previous campaign, they will be able to move quickly strategize and launch a lead follow-up campaign, like a managed email nurture program, and help you build out an integrated marketing campaign. 

Whether you need to change your efforts to scale up during peak seasons or downsize and reorganize during slower periods, outsourcing offers the flexibility to adjust marketing resources accordingly. Your service provider may be able to quickly ramp up or down their activities, ensuring the marketing strategies align with changing business goals and markets. 

When you’re selecting a managed service provider, it’s a good idea to look for a provider who offers a range of services so that you can adjust, add-on, or customize services to fit your exact needs. Make sure you ask about the other services they offer and ask for case studies on the results they have driven for past campaigns. 

       3. Measurable results and analytics 

Another benefit to working with a full-service solution is that the provider works with you throughout your entire campaign. This means you’ll have support from strategy and planning to execution and finally reporting. Most B2B managed service providers emphasize data-driven marketing, providing comprehensive analytics and performance metrics. They use tracking tools and analytics platforms to help you gain insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. These metrics allows continuous optimization and evidence-based decision-making. These results can help direct your future strategies too. 

Knowing how your campaigns are performing helps you keep an eye on your overall marketing goals. With extra support from managed solutions, marketers are more confident in their progress toward goals. They report it’s very likely they will meet next quarter’s goals almost 4x as much as marketers using self-service solutions.  


        4. Continuous innovation and adaptation 

B2B marketing solution providers are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in terms of market trends, technologies, and strategies. They continuously innovate and adapt approaches to deliver cutting-edge marketing solutions. In an industry that’s constantly evolving, marketing solutions providers have to keep a finger on the pulse to stay ahead and give clients with the best service. By partnering with these service providers, you can leverage their industry knowledge and ensure that their marketing strategies remain relevant and effective. 


Explore managed services

Working with a solutions provider helps B2B marketers do more and get better results. Opting for a B2B marketing managed service has many advantages, including access to expertise, flexibility, and deeper analytics and reporting than you may be able to undertake in-house. Incorporating B2B marketing managed services into your business strategy can give you a competitive edge and drive success in today’s dynamic B2B landscape. 

Choosing the right solutions provider can be a daunting task. For tips on how to get started, read our eBook How to Select an Intent Data Provider.