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How to Select an Intent Data Provider

Intent data is intelligence that measures an individual’s interest in a product, service, or general business topic.   

Intent data can come from a variety of sources. As prospects search the internet, download or view a piece of content, and see ads, they provide insights that can be collected and formulated into a picture of their intent. The actions they take provide signals as to what they might be interested in buying, when, and at what scale: the more time they invest in engaging, reading, and viewing content around the specific topic, the more likely they are to make a purchase (from you or a competitor) soon. Intent data monitoring gives a window into this behavior. 

The value of intent data is that it shows evidence of people’s actions, based on a combination of gathered and aggregated data. There is no gap between what people say they are interested in and what they are actually doing.  

While intent data (and the technology that drives it) is revolutionizing the way marketers approach their practice, choosing the best solution can be difficult. We have created this selection guide to provide you with a tangible framework to evaluate solutions and, ultimately, identify one that best meets your organization’s unique needs.

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How to Select an Intent Data Provider