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Case Study

PMG drives enhanced ABM performance and impressive click-through rates with Anteriad

98% higher social media click-through rates
1900% higher programmatic click-through rates
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results


In 2021, global independent digital company PMG partnered with Anteriad to drive enhanced Account Based Marketing (ABM) performance. The team chose Anteriad because of its extensive integrations, technology optimizations and reporting, and its self-service tools that provide more control to directly scale up campaigns.



Anteriad's marketing platform’s highly flexible audience and campaign technology can be integrated with PMG’s Alli technology platform to provide:

  • Access to a wider range of channels including Facebook, DV360, LinkedIn, The Trade Desk and Twitter
  • Omnichannel capabilities including search, email, and more
  • More flexibility with campaign and audience builds within the individual platforms
  • Additional integration opportunities with PMG’s robust tech stack, making it easier to layer on new data, and augment audience insights and refresh audiences more easily

PMG and Anteriad will also partner on the future of ABM to develop cookieless “future-proof” options. Through this partnership, they are also uncovering and leveraging different segments such as “domain” and “zip code” allowing for more targeting flexibility with the new approach.


In 2021, Anteriad quickly delivered on its promise for one of PMG’s enterprise clients. The team saw gains in top-line performance, driven by the platform’s access to a broad set of channel partners, including Google DV360 and Facebook. PMG also successfully leveraged the ABM technology to drive significant improvement in front-end performance, including:

  • 98% higher CTR on social media
  • 71% more efficient CPM on social media
  • 1900% higher CTR in programmatic

To date, the Anteriad platform has allowed PMG to scale 48 campaign builds across four platforms in less than four weeks. According to Emily Schneider, senior programmatic manager at PMG, the partnership is expanding to tap into Anteriad’s data intelligence and analytics, demand-gen solutions, and other ABM components that contribute to measurable and attributable pipeline growth.


Customer Testimonial

Anteriad gives us an intuitive technology solution that not only pays immediate dividends, but also paves the way for future growth across our clients and channels.

Emily Schneider
Senior Programmatic Manager

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