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Case Study

ServiceNow crushes campaign with Anteriad: 200x ROI, 91% new contacts

91% net new company contacts
200x ROI
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results


ServiceNow understood the importance of knowing and reaching its evolving audience, which led them to partner with Anteriad and strategize against the following challenges.

  • Needed to expand reach of programs to address new C-suite buying group alignment
  • Needed to grow database across all personas
  • A pivot in industry and vertical prioritization necessitated an increase in programs
  • Faced awareness challenges in audiences beyond core IT personas


Anteriad helped ServiceNow address their marketing challenges by:

  • Started with test program in 2018; 2 email tracks with 12 quarterly emails for one product line and target audience
  • In 2022, a centralized ABM demand generation model was put in place and ran by Anteriad as an integrated part of the company’s marketing team:
    • 10 product lines across the entire portfolio
    • 4 industry verticals
    • 13 target audiences
    • 11 email tracks
    • 150 emails deployed quarterly


Anteriad’s focus on audience activation allowed ServiceNow to deliver the following metrics:

  • 200x ROI based on annual investment across solution categories
  • Significant increase in pipeline generated annually, measured by multi-touch attribution and lead scoring model
  • 91% of leads are net new companies added to campaign database
Case study tiles_servicenow
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