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Case Study

Non-Profit Organization Management Company improves conversion rate by 292% with data driven approach to PPC

30% cost reduction
292% improvement in conversions
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results


Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a great way to acquire new customers (or generate new leads) while retaining full control over your marketing budget.

Using modern platforms, B2B marketers can easily target ads to specific users based on keywords and tailor the copy directly to them. With this level of precision, you can achieve a much higher ROI than you would with any traditional marketing method. And with effective PPC campaign management, you can continue to improve that ROI over time.

It was improving ROI that brought us our non-profit organizational management client, we will refer to them as the “Marketer”. Their business is very niche in that they have many solutions and cater to primarily service organizations: managing inbound and outbound calls, packaging, shipping and fulfillment, membership management, and much more.

Their story is not very different from other B2B marketers that offer a deep menu of solutions. The Marketer was engaged with a 3rd party PPC Agency and were successfully generating new business leads with a stable conversion rate. They worked with several agencies before their engagement with the Intelligence and Analytics team at Anteriad. While their internal experience was limited, as were their resources, they still recognized that there was waste in their spend and room to improve ROI.


The approach from previous PPC agency engagements were based on assumptions and volume, they made tweaks across all service offerings which had little impact on ROI. Anteriad came at it from a data first perspective – to achieve more while spending less.

Other Tactics Used In This Engagement:

Smart Practice Audit. We reviewed keywords, historical bids, results and ad copy at the product level to get a full understanding of spend and ROI. By breaking out the results by the Marketer’s service offerings, we were able to diagnose key areas of waste immediately.

One Size Does Not Fit All. Which products lines and individual SKU’s are their all-stars? Which are dragging behind? Often agencies will dump budget into every product available rather than the products that are truly impacting bottom line. A custom approach is required: let the data tell you where to go. Our four year look back was chock full of golden nuggets.

Client Intel is Key. Which products are predicted to run hot? Which lines had the largest margins? What keywords yielded higher % growth rates? By asking the Marketer, we were better able to get a hold on which areas of the business needed our focus. By ingraining ourselves with the data and leveraging the historical knowledge from the Marketer, we were better able to create objectives and deliver key results.

Building for the Future. Cutting out the fluff is just the easy part, the harder mission is building for growth. The account structure in the ad platform should match your internal hierarchies. Transparency is one of the corner stones of our marketing philosophy. Being able to align with client goals and speak the same “language” as product managers accelerates the optimization.


In relation to a PPC campaign audit – if you ever hear the words “easy”, “quick”, or “good enough”, take notice. There are no shortcuts, the work must be done, and the time needs to be spent.

When restructuring the account, it would have been “easy” just to cut the bad performing areas. It would have been “quick” to not update the account hierarchy and structure. It would have been “good enough” to meet the Marketer’s goals of breaking even in comparison to conversion. By taking the time to invest in the data and properly set up the framework, we yielded a clear and focused path to scale and grow.

Bit by bit, section by section, every aspect of this account was built for growth. When we say we are “Growth Obsessed” we mean it down to the very last keyword.

From the very first month of our engagement, we were able to cut the budget by 30%, and increased conversion well beyond the Marketer’s expectations. This was not a single month fluke – for the next 6 months, conversions and conversion rates continued to improve on a tighter budget, beating all expectations.

  • 1,033% Increase in CTR
  • -77% Change in Impressions (hyper efficient)
  • 292% Improvement in Conversions
  • 30% Reduction in Costs