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Building Optimal Audiences for Demand Generation with Lana Warner

It’s far too easy for B2B marketers to become fixated on one or two KPIs and lose sight of what really drives revenue, particularly in the age of digital-first, multi-channel campaigns. Not only do the old go-to’s of CPL or CTR not encompass every digital touchpoint, but they also tend to ignore influencers and other key contacts in the group decision-making process. This results in missed opportunities and fatigued first-party lists.

Lana Warner, Director, Partnerships and Client Strategy at Lotame, says marketers need to take the initiative to collaborate with sales to create a complete, data-driven view of their customers, from the high funnel to repeat purchases. Ths close collaboration should also extend to data partners, to ensure they are keeping pace with the rapidly evolving technologies that B2B decision-makers rely on.

Warner suggests that marketers ask how their data partners plan to manage and refresh their contact data as new tech and workforce shifts, such as The Great Resignation, reshape the B2B landscape. If your partner isn’t employing identity graph or machine learning analytics, you probably need to be looking for a new data partner, she says.

Lana Warner, Director, Partnerships and Client Strategy at Lotame

Watch to learn the following:

✅ How marketing and sales need to cooperate to build buying group models that include late funnel or unexpected signals to paint a complete picture of your best customers.

✅ Why you should always be on the lookout for new or revitalized tactics for data-driven segmentation, such as working closely with publishers to overlay your data and target hyper-valuable prospects.

✅ Why you need to ensure that your data partner is using the latest technologies to ensure that its data is clean, comprehensive, and relevant.