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How to Leverage B2B Intent Signal Data Effectively

Looking to supercharge your B2B sales process? Check out our video on leveraging B2B intent signal data effectively. With industry experts, Steve Richard and Jamie Shanks, learn how to integrate intent signals into buyer engagement tactics, lower customer acquisition costs, and engage existing customers. Discover how intent data can provide insights into what your target accounts are searching for, enabling you to create more effective marketing campaigns and content.

In this video resource page, guests Steve Richard and Jamie Shanks share their expertise on how to leverage B2B intent signal data effectively. Steve Richard, Chief Evangelist & Co-Founder of ExecVision, believes in using technology and data to mine insights about customer interactions. Jamie Shanks, Managing Partner of Sales for Life – The Growth System, is widely recognized for his Digital Sales Methodology and believes that digital sales is a vital skill in the 2020s.

Bring intent data into your digital sales conversations and outperform your peers with the skills you learn from Steve and Jamie.