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How to Achieve Revenue Based Results with Aristomenis Capogeannis

Are you looking to achieve revenue-based results? According to Aristomenis Capogeannis, Director of Revenue Marketing at NVIDIA, it’s all about building data-driven pipeline strategies that align sales and marketing operations behind a common goal – revenue.

At NVIDIA, a company whose audiences and products range from consumer to data center, Capogeannis stresses the importance of using omni-channel data to base every decision on, rather than instinct or intuition. By doing so, his team is able to win buy-in for new approaches with “snackable” data points that clearly show the revenue win.

Capogeannis emphasizes that a data-driven approach is critical for building integrated pipeline strategies that allow individual teams to execute on what they do best. To achieve revenue-based results, it’s important to model out personal and account-level purchase journeys by committing to omni-channel attribution.

In his episode, Capogeannis shares his insights on how to present net new leads with a cohesive set of informational experiences that let them direct how they want the conversation to proceed. Additionally, he emphasizes the need for enterprise revenue marketers to make the transition from executional to strategic thinking.

If you’re looking to achieve revenue-based results, watch Aristomenis Capogeannis’s episode to learn more about the importance of data-driven pipeline strategies and omni-channel attribution.