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Expert Exchange: Generative AI in B2B Marketing

Real-world insights complementing Anteriad research, featuring Pavel Naydenov in an interview conducted by Ascend2.

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Interview introduction

As B2B marketing constantly evolves, staying ahead means embracing new technologies while maintaining core values. Pavel Naydenov, Head of Marketing at Businessmap, champions a proactive approach by incorporating Generative AI into their strategies without sacrificing their brand's authenticity. Read on for the full interview conducted by Anteriad's research partner, Ascend2, to discover how our research is applied in marketers' day-to-day lives.


Embracing challenge: The Generative AI initiative


Testing new waters with Generative AI

Pavel's recent project involved using Generative AI to enhance their email marketing campaigns. The AI was tasked with crafting personalized introductions in emails, tailored based on the recipient’s past interactions, while the core message remained crafted by humans. This blend of human touch and AI efficiency boosted their email engagement rates by 17% in the first quarter alone.

Balancing act: Authenticity vs. automation

Despite the success, Pavel admits the integration was challenging, especially in maintaining the brand's authentic voice. "Balancing personal touch with efficiency has become a sophisticated dance," he reflects. The initial AI outputs were too generic, prompting a recalibration of AI parameters and increased human oversight to capture the nuanced tones essential to their brand.

In our new study, marketers reported some concern about maintaining brand authenticity as AI use increases, but most marketers believe it is possible to strike the right balance.

"I've always emphasized the importance of authenticity, and with the rise of Generative AI and advanced automation, balancing personal touch with efficiency has become a sophisticated dance."


AI scale


Overcoming obstacles: Data integration and personalization

Finetuning a cross-channel marketing campaign

Pavel's initiative involved a comprehensive cross-channel campaign, encompassing email, social media, webinars, and their customer portal. This strategic effort was supported by an integrated data analysis using inputs from their CRM, marketing automation tools, and web analytics. By understanding customer behaviors across these diverse platforms, Businessmap was able to tailor their content more effectively, resulting in a 35% improvement in lead generation compared to previous quarters.

Creating a unified customer view

Pavel's team also tackled the challenge of fragmented data. By investing in data integration tools and developing a unified dashboard, they achieved a holistic view of customer interactions across multiple channels. This strategic move enabled better personalization and targeting, significantly enhancing campaign orchestration.

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Practical recommendations from Pavel's experience


Start small, scale thoughtfully

Begin your AI journey with a specific marketing segment to refine your approach without overwhelming your processes.


Ensure data unity

A unified data view is crucial for effective messaging and personalization across various platforms.


Preserve the human element

Use AI to enhance, not replace, the human aspects of your marketing. Keep core strategies and messages human-driven.


Leverage data from multiple sources

Integrating insights from your CRM, marketing automation tools, and web analytics is vital for a deep understanding of your audience.


Maintain data integrity

Regularly update and validate your data to ensure accuracy and compliance with data protection regulations.

Leveraging insights for growth

From insights to strategy:

Pavel’s use of qualitative and quantitative research has led to significant tactical shifts. For instance, analysis revealed that mid-funnel users responded well to practical implementation stories. This insight prompted a shift towards more case studies in webinar content, enhancing engagement and follow-up consultations.

Addressing paradoxes in data:

At one point, analysis showed high engagement with educational content but low conversion rates. In response, Pavel’s team developed a targeted nurture stream to provide more practical guidance, successfully bridging the gap between interest and action.

The future of Generative AI in B2B marketing

Looking forward, Pavel is optimistic about the role of AI-driven analytics and predictive modeling in marketing. "The ability to predict customer needs and behavior patterns will take personalization to new heights," he states. His plan includes investing in AI training for his team to integrate predictive analytics seamlessly into their personalization strategy, ensuring Businessmap remains at the forefront of marketing innovation.

According to our 2024 study, Marketers who are extremely confident in their ability to personalize marketing campaigns are nearly 3x more likely to expect significant pipeline increases.


Insights in action

Pavel Naydenov's journey with Generative AI at Businessmap illustrates that it is possible to innovate responsibly without compromising on authenticity. Follow his story as a blueprint for working to blend traditional values with modern technology to drive success.

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