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Personalization at Scale with Mark Kilens

Do you need help delivering personalized experiences at scale? Look no further than Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community at Drift, for expert advice on personalization at scale.

In this informative resource page, Mark shares his insights on the importance of using intent data to personalize people’s experiences and strategies to try when first getting started. He also highlights the significance of practicing your ABC’s (always be capturing) and understanding the art and science behind personalized content.

Mark’s experience overseeing Drift’s content and education strategy, as well as Drift Insider which has 45,000+ members, makes him an expert in the field of personalization at scale. He also provides tips and suggestions regarding campaign development, intent data usage, and accurately testing personalized content and its performance.

If you want to improve your personalization efforts and deliver experiences that truly resonate with your audience, this resource page is a must-read. So, join Mark Kilens as he shares his knowledge and insights on personalization at scale and takes your personalization efforts to the next level.