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Why Anteriad is a first-choice intent data provider for B2B campaigns

An evaluation of the industry's top providers and how Anteriad stands out
eBook Mockups_Intent comparison guide

Finding a partner that fits your needs

There's no question intent data is crucial to a successful marketing campaign in today's digital landscape. But finding a partner that best fits your organization's specific needs can be a challenge.

Luckily, we've done the research to determine just how the top intent data providers tack up against Anteriad. We'll highlight the key areas to keep in mind during the selection process, so you can have the confidence to make the right decision for your upcoming campaigns.

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Evaluation criteria

Five key areas to focus on

Data accuracy

The reliability and precision of the information gathered about a person or organization’s online behavior, interests, or intentions.

Data coverage

The extent or comprehensiveness of the data available for a particular set of topics, keywords, or signals related to an audience’s intent or interest.

Contact and buying group analysis

The process of examining the individuals and roles within a potential customer organization who are involved in the decision-making for purchasing a product or service.

Data security and compliance

The measures and practices that organizations put in place to protect the privacy, security,

and legal compliance of the data they collect, process, and use for understanding customer intent or behavior.

Intent data types

The different categories or classifications of information that can be collected and analyzed tounderstand the intent, interests, and behavior of individuals or organizations.

We chose these criteria based on the response from our recent study of B2B marketers.

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Based on our evaluation criteria, here’s how the industry’s top intent data providers stack up:

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RFP questions guide

Alongside our analysis above, we’ve provided a some key questions to ask intent data providers during the RFP process to help narrow down the options:

  1. What sources do you use to gather intent data?
  2. How often is data collected?
  3. How accurate is your data?
  4. Do you have any analytics capabilities?
  5. Can you help me in activating my intent data?
  6. What measures are in place to secure my data?
  7. Can your intent data integrate with other platforms?
  8. What type of expertise do you provide to improve data utilization?
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How Anteriad excels

The following captures results on how Anteriad excels within our evaluated criteria:

Data accuracy

90% accuracy at both the site and contact level

  • TripleCheck validation process
  • Additional metadata to increase precision including firmographic and technographic
  • Advanced noise filtering


Data coverage

Industry leading depth and scale with hyper granularity

  • Over 2,500 B2B data sources and 180M global contacts
  • Contacts at 100% of Fortune 100 companies
  • Our database grows 10+% each quarter
  • 70B monthly signals


Contact & buying group analysis

Provide the ability to identify and target each member of the buying group through multi-channels (programmatic, social, email, etc.)

  • Site and corporate level firmographics on over 90% of companies in database
  • Contact level depth including title, function, location, purchase activity, and social validation

Data security & compliance

Meets the highest level of data integrity and privacy compliance

  • Placed in the top 10 providers in Neutronian’s 2023 Data Privacy Scores report
  • Received the highest score in data security and compliance criteria in the Forrester B2B Intent Data Providers Wave Q3 2023
  • Anteriad is the only non-walled-garden and exclusive co-op to lead in data security and privacy in the industry


Intent data types

Combines a diverse set of sources and signal types to provide broader coverage and precision

  • Built in-house and ethically sourced with 8,000+ growing topics
  • Combination of diverse set of intent data types including proprietary publisher network, first-party data, data by-product from web and digital acidity, Google Analytics, Bidstream, andthird party aggregated data from publicly available sources and social media feeds

Why Anteriad

Anteriad powers B2B with the industry’s leading data that is global, compliant, and campaign- ready. We strive to provide B2B marketing leaders with depth and scale as well as hyper granularity. For over 20 years and with over 1,600 clients, we’ve taken a holistic, full-funnel approach to the identification of targeted audiences and delivered integrated, omnichannel campaigns that perform.

Full-funnel intent integrations

Our combination of offerings allows clients to move prospects through the funnel in a variety of ways.From content syndication programs and paid search to email campaigns and programmatic display ads, you won’t just have intent data—you’ll use it.

Impactful activation and output

Our insights are campaign-ready. We assess velocity by looking at the intensity of research activity for each site and topic. Our fine-tuned intent monitoring also ensures relevant content is sent at the right time to the right contact. We deliver to DaaS, API, partner platforms, and the Anteriad Marketing Cloud.

Intent data with depth and accuracy

We provide contact-level intent data. By understanding the industry, company size, and location, as well as the personal characteristics of prospects, we help create highly targeted campaigns tailored to the needs and interests of your audience.

Leading data privacy

Anteriad was placed in the top ten providers reviewed in Neutronian’s Q3 2023 Data Privacy Scores report. This was the third consecutive report that placed Anteriad at the very highest level of data privacy quality.

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That's not all. Get the full guide.

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