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AnteriadFebruary 8, 20233 min read

Avoid content fatigue and maximize your lead generation eco-system

Companies invest in resources and do a lot of work to map out their addressable market, identify their Ideal Customer Profile and build a database of relevant contacts. This is an essential task to build an eco-system of consented contacts to use in sales and marketing outreach.  

Having a robust database of contacts is crucial for a successful B2B marketing strategy. But there are three questions that need to be answered when addressing this eco-system:

  • How quickly will you be able to address each contact?
  • How often will they be in market?
  • How quickly will you fatigue your database if you are reaching out at the wrong time?

Even if the leads generated are high quality, contacts can easily become disengaged if bombarded with irrelevant content when they are not at the right stage of their purchasing cycle. Marketing and sales teams then play a dangerous game of trying to keep their prospects engaged and educated through content marketing, while also trying to avoid overloading them with messaging that won’t land.

So, once you define your audience, how can you easily personalize your reach?


Data is key

Intent data, data science and decision science can help you to enrich your database with vital information regarding purchasing cycles, buying committees, and stakeholders within your target accounts.

This data means you can categorize prospects into the following:

  • Want the solution and are in market.
  • Want the solution but are not in market yet.
  • Have a need for the solution but do not realize it.
  • Out of target.

Not only can you identify the “low-hanging fruits” that are currently in market, but also potential customers that may need further nurture and education before they are ready to buy.  


Tailor your messaging

These insights can be incorporated into your digital activity allowing you to tailor your messaging based on buyer persona, buying intent, industry etc.

This could be a programmatic campaign that has messaging revolving around a special offer or discount for those who are actively in market to encourage a quicker conversion.

Or this could be applied by tailoring emailing sequences with different messaging based on behavioral triggers and engagement levels.  


Quick & proactive BDR follow-up

However, it is not enough to solely engage prospects digitally. It is important to have BDR or SDR resources in place to actively follow up once their behavior shows interest or that they are in the market. This human element allows you to further understand their needs as a buyer, but also deepens their knowledge of your product or service.  

Quick BDR follow-up means you can capitalize on the momentum of the prospect's interest, in turn bringing them further along the sales pipeline and increasing the possibility of converting the opportunity to close won.

Opportunity Finder is a fully integrated solution, which follows these principles. It combines some of the most advanced lead generation tools, allowing you to identify credible, qualified opportunities, engage them at the right time and increase conversion rates.


Case Study

Anteriad recently applied these steps to a telemarketing campaign for our client, a blue chip IT enterprise in an effort to re-engage 62 leads which were deemed as closed negative by a third-party agency. Once these leads were passed to us, we:

  • Implemented our Decision Science process and Enhanced Intent data activator to prioritize contacts.
  • Enriched the database with insights into buying cycles and buying committees.
  • Ran a programmatic campaign based on user profiles to activate the audience with a drumbeat of background messaging.
  • Connected with the prospect via telemarketing to determine why the lead was initially closed negative.
  • Revived, nurtured, and enriched top of funnel leads.

By following this process, we were able to deliver:

  • More than 56% of leads were re-engaged and re-entered the sales funnel.
  • 18 meetings were booked using our Warm Handover method.
  • 13% of leads were converted to sales ready.
  • A pipeline of 8,000 units.
  • $1.5 million in forecasted revenue.