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AnteriadFebruary 15, 20234 min read

How to get the most ROI from content syndication

Content syndication is a powerful tool for lead generation. Today, you’re not only able target and get in front of your ideal customer profile with content syndication, but you know these leads are interested in your content and your offering in real-time. Running these programs can deliver especially strong leads because these individuals directly exchange their contact information to download a high-quality piece of content. Content syndication is a tried-and-true way to generate quality leads and there are steps you can take to get the most out of these campaigns.

Before you start

Have you spent the necessary time identifying your target audience and understanding their persona? This will help identify the right piece of content to put out there and the KPIs you’ll measure success by. Content syndication is a flexible marketing approach, and you have choices to make along the way. One being content type based on who you want to reach. Do you want to cast a wide net with a general handbook or do you want to reach a niche group with a specific white paper or buyer’s guide? There isn’t a wrong answer, but it is a strategic decision you need to consider before launching your content syndication program. 

Another key to success is making sure the positioning of your asset(s) aligns with the content. You want to make sure you’re delivering what you promise to the readers. You get back what you put into content syndication. So, be intentional with your targeting, content types, and content positioning to set yourself up for a program that delivers the highest quality contacts. 

Nurture your leads

Many marketers make the mistake of treating content syndication leads as if they’re at the bottom of the funnel when in reality, they could be at the very beginning of their sales journey. More often than not, leads from content syndication aren’t going to respond well to a cold sales follow-up. By nurturing your leads you can increase your chances of conversion.

Step 1: Evaluate your leads

These leads probably downloaded your asset to learn more about a topic they’re interested in. They could be a potential buyer, a curious researcher or even a competitor. You’ll need to evaluate your leads to make sure they fit your audience. At Anteriad, we guarantee quality leads so you won’t have to handle this on your own.  It’s important to remember that a lead may not be the sole decision maker, they could be just one part of a buying group. You can use other data you have or partner with a solutions provider to layer on additional data and fill in any blanks that may be missing (like uncovering and engaging with the entire buying group). 

Additionally, just because a lead engaged with your content doesn’t mean they’re ready to make a purchase decision. They may not even realize the asset they downloaded came from your company! But by employing a thoughtful nurture stream you can warm them up and get them ready to send over to your sales team. 

Step 2: Run multichannel activation

First things first, be timely. These leads are fresh, and you want to reach them while the initial content is still on their mind. 

Get in front of your audience where you know they are likely to engage. A good place to start is where your lead initially downloaded your content. From there you can retarget them and other decision makers at the company across channels, including email, digital ads, and social media. By running multichannel activation, you increase the number of touchpoints and keep your organization at the top of your lead’s mind as well as reach other individuals that influence purchasing.

Use this opportunity to show them who you are–and the value you provide. Your communication should tie into the reason they initially downloaded your content. For example, if they downloaded a guide to making pizza dough, you should reengage them with content that connects to the topic, like a blog on the best pizza ovens. This way you’re targeting them with content you know they probably are already interested in. 

In these communications, you’re also getting to solidify your place in your prospect’s mind. This is your opportunity to build brand recognition and show them how you can help solve their pain points. At the end of the day, the lead’s motivation for engaging with your content should be the focus of your communications. By aligning their problems with your product or service, you’re more likely to get them to engage with you. Pay close attention to their ongoing engagement with the related messages you’re serving them and build personalization and flexibility into your tactics, so you can quickly respond to their digital behavior. By doing this, you’ll hand them off to sales at the appropriate time—they'll be primed for the conversation and positively associate to your brand.

Step 3: Work with your sales team

As leads move through your nurture stream, you can see how they engage so you know how close they might be to a purchase decision. You touch these leads at multiple points through their buyer's journey and this should be reflected in the information you pass on to your sales team. By sharing what the leads interacted with, you help your sales team better understand the buyer’s needs so they can tailor their sales approach. 

Get started today: 

Running a content syndication program can fill your pipeline with leads. Pairing content syndication with a solid nurture program ensures you’re not sending a premature lead to sales.

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