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AnteriadMarch 7, 20242 min read

6 ways AI enhances programmatic advertising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming digital strategies and helping companies gain deeper customer insights. With AI, B2B marketers can collect and analyze relevant buyer data to reach their ideal customers at the optimal time. Technologies like AI and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized the way marketers approach the programmatic and online marketing landscape. 

As more marketers embrace AI as a new approach to positive business results, we see ongoing transformation of programmatic and digital marketing.    

You can boost ROI and conversion rates by using AI across your marketing stack. Here are some ways AI is helping online marketers develop, analyze, and optimize programmatic advertising campaigns.  

1. Building programmatic advertising strategies

Programmatic advertising automates the manual tasks of purchasing, selling, and placing your ads on relevant websites. AI and high-end algorithms automate real-time bidding processes to help marketers make online ad purchases targeting specific groups of users. This process determines how much to bid on ads and deliver ads to target users more efficiently.   


2. Elevating personalized campaigns

Personalization is at the heart of customer engagement and brand loyalty. When you remember your buyer’s choices and preferences, when you know buyer behavior and demands, you can structure marketing campaigns relevant to their needs. AI enables marketers to delve deep into buyer personas, understanding preferences and behaviors to craft tailor-made campaigns. Personalization campaigns fuel site traffic, foster meaningful engagements, and boost conversion rates, all while nurturing lasting customer relationships. 


3. Creating content for programmatic advertising

Today, with the wide variety of generative AI solutions in the market, you’re able to quickly and easily create content for your programmatic campaigns. You can use tools like ChatGPT to suggest text variations to use on your ads. You can even use tools like DALL-E to create graphics and images for your ads at the snap of your fingers. With AI's assistance, campaigns can launch quickly, capturing audience attention and driving results. 


4. Improving content quality and communication 

Compelling content is the cornerstone of effective marketing. AI-driven analytics provide invaluable insights, guiding content creation and communication strategies. By leveraging data-informed decisions, marketers can ensure their content resonates with target audiences across various channels and make changes when content isn’t hitting the mark. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots and Natural Language Processing (NLP) facilitate seamless communication, enhancing user experiences and fostering meaningful interactions. 


5. Streamlining programmatic advertising strategies 

There are many touch points during a programmatic ad campaign where you can gather data, but data analysis is crucial to streamline marketing decisions. Integrated marketing with AI provides accurate and faster data insights, more efficient optimizations, higher ROI, and better user experiences. AI automates manual tasks, like analyzing large amounts of campaign data, giving you more time to develop optimized programmatic ad campaigns and strategies based on your data.  


6. Automating campaign orchestration 

B2B marketers can map millions of ad impressions and device identifiers to get relevant content to very targeted buyers, all thanks to the power of AI. You can coordinate outreach to where users are in the buying journey in real time to improve buyer experience and encourage continuing brand engagements. AI enables broad campaign orchestration, like deploying ads across multiple channels and analyzing campaign performance.  


AI’s impact on programmatic advertising 

As AI continues to evolve and become even more accessible, it opens the door for B2B marketers to innovate their programmatic advertising. By embracing AI-driven strategies, you can effectively navigate the complexities of online marketing, reaching target audiences in the right places at the right time.