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Andrea Duffy-CabanaFebruary 28, 20242 min read

7 tips to increase lead form conversion rates

Does your business rely on inbound website leads? Is your conversion rate below 10%? You may need to make some changes to your lead form and landing page.  

Don’t underestimate the importance of a landing page when it comes to capturing leads. Your marketing has done its job to drive potential customers to your site, don’t lose them on the last step because your page is overly complicated or poorly laid out. By implementing the recommendations below, you can improve your landing pages and see conversion rates increase.  

1. Put the lead form above the fold on the landing page 

Make the lead form easy to find for your potential customer. Any additional scrolling or clicking will result in lower conversion rates. Keep that form front and center of the landing page. That may mean you’ll need to consider including it on the homepage.  

2. Keep the lead form as simple as possible 

Now that the form is easy to find, make sure it’s simple to complete! Conversion rates will decrease with every additional field.  Four ways to make this possible are to use inline visual cues, combine first and last names into one field, use dropdowns whenever possible, and don’t require any open-ended questions.  

3. Make the call-to-action button clear 

Are they requesting a demo? Starting a free trial? Downloading a white paper? Make sure your call-to-action aligns and can be clearly understood by the user. It also needs to stand out. Make sure the button is large enough to be recognized as a button and uses bright, contrasting colors.  

4. Have page content include top-performing keywords and ad copy  

If your product serves many different industries, it’s important to create different landing pages with customized messaging for each of those categories. Customizing landing pages not only creates a better user experience, it can also help ranking for SEO and relevancy for paid search. Anteriad can provide keywords and phrases to help you best optimize performance. 

5. Add additional elements to the page  

After you have updated your lead form, you may want to also consider adding additional information to your page. Two simple ways you can do this are adding an explainer video to give more detail into how your product works and a clear link to your FAQ page to answer all relevant questions.  

We also recommend making it clear to the user how and when they will be contacted. This can help increase the likelihood of getting a response when your sales team reaches out.  

6. Enable captcha and other third-party tools  

By using CAPTCHA, you can increase the likelihood that the leads you are receiving are, in fact, from real people and not spam. For additional protection Anteriad recommends using other third-party tools, like ClickCease, to further eliminate bots and fake clicks.    

7. Test!  

The best way to see what performs best for your company is to run an A/B test. Anteriad strongly recommends testing landing pages against each other to determine which elements drive the highest conversion rates and lead quality. There are several factors that may influence the conversion rate and these tips are not one-size-fits-all.  

Looking forward 

Follow the steps from this blog post to improve your landing pages and increase conversions. If your brand needs help crafting the perfect marketing strategy to drive leads, get in touch with us today. Anteriad specializes in full-funnel B2B marketing to power your pipeline.  


Andrea Duffy-Cabana

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