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Jessica LinderJanuary 17, 20242 min read

How to use Q1 to gain a competitive edge for your B2B paid media strategy

In the B2B world, each industry is unique, and seasonality can play a significant role in determining your business’s success. It’s important to look differently at the paid media opportunities for each month and better understand the best strategy. What marketing strategies does your company have planned to kick off the new year on the right foot?

While many may consider Q1 a slow and quiet period, it holds immense potential for B2B to gain a competitive edge. By understanding the opportunities of this period, you can leverage overall sales growth and set your company up for success in the year ahead. But what are the unique advantages of Q1 for paid media?

See the quiet as an opportunity

Many businesses reduce their advertising spend at the beginning of the year, perceiving it as a quiet period. However, this presents an opportunity with lower advertising costs and reduced competition. Kate Newstead, the Marketing Science Lead at B2B Institute at LinkedIn agrees with us saying that “It is the time when advertisers can take advantage of cost-efficient media and more easily stand out against low levels of competitive pressure.”

High conversion rates

From January to March, B2B buyers gear up for the months ahead! This period is crucial for making profitable connections and closing deals. According to “the beginning of the year has far better conversion rates than any other time”.

If your business is looking to boost paid media efforts, now may be a great time. Using data from previous months, there likely were products that your audience showed interest in, but it didn’t lead to higher conversions, perhaps due to low year-end budgets. This is an opportunity to set up new campaigns using retargeting tactics to promote these products again and increase the chances of a successful conversion during this high-conversion period.

The business will start to look ahead

Q1, for many businesses, is the time to plan and allocate budgets. This presents a significant opportunity for B2B sellers! It is an ideal time for long-term planning and setting goals for the year ahead. By kickstarting your marketing initiatives as soon as possible, you set the stage for success throughout the rest of the year. Take advantage of this time to analyze market trends, allocate your marketing budget effectively, and don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to boost your business!

Take advantage of Q1 paid media opportunities

As we enter the first quarter of the year, businesses need to take advantage of this phase of strategic planning. By capitalizing on cost-efficient advertising, higher conversion rates, personalized retargeting strategies, and long-term opportunities with new budget planning, you can gain a competitive edge and set the stage for a successful year ahead. Embrace the quietness of Q1 by viewing it as an opportunity rather than a handicap and position your business for success throughout the year.


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