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AnteriadApril 3, 20231 min read

Anteriad acquires BNZSA


Rob Sanchez, CEO of Anteriad – As of today, BNZSA is part of Anteriad. I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the incredible BNZSA team, especially Brahim Samhoud, the Founder and “Chief Rocker” who is the heart and mind of this great organization. BNZSA is a successful B2B demand generation company based in Madrid. Their team includes over 300 employees speaking over 26 native languages at one of the largest call centers in EMEA.  

BNZSA is a perfect fit for Anteriad. BNZSA has perfected a unique ‘warm handover’ process serving as a differentiator for delivering the highest quality prospects available. They deliver agile B2B demand generation with exceptional performance in account-based marketing and multi-touch campaigns. The combination of Anteriad’s intent, ABM and performance marketing capabilities and BNZSA’s proven model of tele-based, mid and lower funnel conversion-oriented services will provide differentiated, full funnel B2B demand generation capabilities at a global scale supported by local leadership and in-market talent. This combination truly makes us a global B2B powerhouse for enterprise marketers.

Over these last few months, we have gotten to know the leadership team at BNZSA, and I am also excited that we have built amazing companies that share the same values. The leadership at Anteriad and BNZSA are both invested in our people, our clients, and our growth. With this important alignment, we can accomplish great things for our clients and the global B2B marketing community.

BNZSA will operate under its brand, as “BNZSA powered by Anteriad” and will function as the international division of Anteriad, as well as serve as our headquarters in Europe. We welcome the “BNZSA Rockers” to the Anteriad team and look forward to working together as we continue to #GetInFront!  Stay tuned for exciting updates to our offerings as we embark on a truly global collaboration.