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AnteriadDecember 21, 20222 min read

Anteriad and Neutronian: Committed to Data Quality and Compliance

Data is critical to every element of a marketer's job, but within the marketing data that exists today, there is a conflict. This strife pits data privacy and security against the ability of marketers to use the data to effectively reach their target audiences with the appropriate messages at the right time.

Acknowledging this issue and reflecting a commitment to data integrity and privacy compliance, Anteriad recently became one of the first B2B marketing companies to be certified by Neutronian, a company that provides the first independent verification of data quality and compliance. 

As regulatory schemes like CPRA and GDPR become more restrictive, Apple continues its ATT Privacy crackdown, momentum grows toward a cookie-less future, and marketers lose the use of IP and mobile-device addresses, the pendulum swings more toward the privacy and security side. And while there is an overwhelming need to protect the data of prospects and customers (and everyone else, for that matter), the current environment makes it hard for marketers to do their jobs in a responsible and ethical manner. 

“Unfortunately, the vast majority of data providers are not transparent,” said Neutronian CEO and co-founder Timur Yarnall, “so marketers don't know what they're getting and consumers don't know how their data is being used. We have seen data used to target consumers and businesses in unethical ways and we have seen breaches that have cost millions of dollars. We need the data ecosystem to step up and fight for quality and Anteriad has become a big part of doing that.”

Certified data providers are dedicated to the experience of their customers. Whether a data provider or consumer, here are five categories of data quality to take note of while working to achieve harmony between data usage and data privacy:

  1. Consent and Compliance: Consent standards and opt-in/out process and privacy and compliance disclosures (ex. GDPR, CCPA, FLA/FCRA, etc.)
  2. Sourcing Transparency: Data sources and data capture mechanisms and transparency of data sources and data use details internally and externally.
  3. Dataset Characteristics: Type(s) of dataset – deterministic and/or modeled and data cleansing practices – deduplication, removal of fraudulent data, etc.
  4. Methodology and Processing: Data processing and retention controls and statistical methodology utilization – modeling, weighting, etc.
  5. Performance: Methods used to evaluate data accuracy and performance and frequency of evaluating data performance.

Ultimately, Neutronian provides verification of data quality and compliance to guide marketers toward more informed buying decisions. Part of the process with Neutronian is ongoing monitoring against the five framework categories and performance testing to ensure standards are being upheld. Anteriad will continue to be a part of the community that champions the responsible use of data, not just to comply with regulatory requirements, but because we feel it is the right way to do business.