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Ken LordyAugust 2, 20232 min read

Anteriad Marketing Cloud is a Sammy Award winner for the second straight year

I’m thrilled to share the news that Anteriad Marketing Cloud has won another Sammy Award for Product of the Year. It’s truly an honor to win twice in a row, and I’m incredibly thankful to be part of such a fantastic team here at Anteriad that works so hard to make sure we are building products that are worthy of this recognition.

Business Intelligence Group states that the purpose of the Sammy Awards is to “recognize those designing the tools, services and solutions that bridge the gap between companies and their customers.” Our mission is to help companies get out in front – which indicates not only helping companies get in front of their customers faster but doing it better, with higher revenue and better customer relationships. This mission keeps us focused on building products that help our customers succeed as the world changes around them, and it’s what drives our vision for the Anteriad Marketing Cloud.

So, what is the Anteriad Marketing Cloud? It is a full funnel B2B marketing technology that incorporates market-leading B2B firmographic, technographic and intent data and pairs it with robust segmentation and omnichannel activation capabilities. Anteriad Marketing Cloud customers get access to unique and relevant B2B data and insights about their ideal prospects, opening the door for dramatic improvements in lead quality, buying group identification and expansion, pipeline performance and ultimately, new deals.

To learn more, I also encourage you to take a look at the recent B2B Intent Data Providers Q2 2023 Forrester Wave where Anteriad was named a Strong Performer. Forrester notes that “Anteriad is a full-service marketing execution partner leveraging diverse intent signals.” The consultancy also cites that Anteriad’s “current offering is strengthened by a diverse set of intent signal types captured, advanced noise filtering, strong options for data delivery, and outstanding achievement of data security and privacy certifications.” Our focus on quality data that offers insights with depth and breadth is no accident. B2B marketers need this level of customer insight to succeed in today’s market.

More B2B buyers are acting like B2C consumers – using online search, self-service purchase options and automated payments. To get in front of these evolving consumers, companies need a solution like the Anteriad Marketing Cloud, which provides the data and insights to understand things like the intent of a buyer, the stakeholders in a buying group, and the highest value prospects in the pipeline. Combined with our larger offering, the Anteriad Marketing Cloud acts like the engine, driving progress across different marketing strategies and channels.

To learn more about what the Anteriad Marketing Cloud can do for you, visit this webpage.


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