The Anteriad Marketing Cloud

Now everything you need to drive your marketing pipeline is in one place.

Intuitively execute and report on campaigns.

The Anteriad Marketing Cloud brings demand generation and programmatic advertising campaigns into one integrated, real-time management platform powered by industry-leading business contact data and purchase intent.

Monitor performance and quickly re-allocate resources for the best return on your marketing investment. Deliver contacts and leads to all your transactional systems via bi-directional integration with your sales and Martech stack. And after a campaign is complete, design your next campaign based on clean, trustworthy data—not guesswork.

Scale your efforts.

Execute Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns at scale, and measure your campaign results with ease. Use real-time reporting for cross-channel optimization and personalization to convert deals faster.

The Anteriad Marketing Cloud allows for self-service access or managed service partnerships across our demand-generation solutions, including:

Data Solutions

Verified intent, demographic, and firmographic data feeds can be customized and fully integrated into your marketing technology stack.

Programmatic Display

Intelligently target and retarget digital advertising to drive maximum brand impact and accelerate demand generation programs.

Content Syndication

Co-branded email campaigns, full-funnel tele-qualification, and TripleCheck® lead verification ensure that your message is reaching real decision makers who are ready to buy.

Utilize your cloud dashboard.

Review your demand generation performance on the Anteriad Marketing Cloud dashboard and quickly see:

  • Audiences
  • Campaigns
  • Buying Groups
  • Insights
  • And more

Empower your…


Define and export highly targeted audience segments and B2B buying groups. Then, cleanse and augment your database with our extensive firmographic, demographic, and intent data (powered by our intent categorizing engine). Push segments to your DSP or platform of choice to equip your teams with current, intent-powered data.

  • Our intent database of B2B contacts is updated daily with the most reliable demographic and firmographic data.
  • Intent monitoring analytics provide a clear picture of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Total Active Demand (TAD) for your products and solutions.
  • Define and micro-target specific audiences based on topical interest, buying group coverage, and extensive filters.
  • Push audiences live into campaigns for real-time execution of engagement strategies.

ABM Campaigns

Orchestrate multi-channel campaigns and get real-time delivery of results, either through the Anteriad Marketing Cloud or via integration with your CRM or marketing automation platform.

  • Quickly see how many business decision makers are showing intent, and activate campaigns across all channels to achieve better engagement rates with your content.
  • Re-define audience segments, add programmatic display and content syndication assets, or enhance buying group models for campaigns mid-flight. Use real-time data to run integrated campaigns targeting each segment with the right tactic.
  • Alert sales teams when accounts, buying groups, or important new contacts become available or engaged. Shorten the sales cycle by reaching out at the right time.
  • Seamless, bi-directional integrations with industry-leading marketing automation platforms and CRMs like Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce allows for continued outreach and influence inside of your own systems.

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Monitor and manage your multi-channel strategies from a single, intuitive control center, whether you practice Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Net-New or a mix of approaches. Get unequaled visibility into the account-level performance of your digital campaigns—all within a single, integrated user interface that’s as easy to learn as it is powerful.

  • Publish audience segments across multiple channels with a single click.
  • Move high-performing audiences into exactly the right program at exactly the right stage.
  • Drive sales and marketing alignment with clear insights on exactly which ABM targets, named accounts, and buying groups are actively in-market.
  • View performance by audience segment, decision stage, and campaign asset.

Activate the right accounts to drive conversions.


  • Multiple Datasets
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Buying Group Identification
  • Highly Validated Contacts
  • Identity Graph Technology
  • CRM + MAP Integration


  • Demand Orchestration
  • Cross-Channel Optimization
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Intent-Driven Content Syndication
  • Unified User Interface


  • Measure Campaign Analytics
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Optimize for Maximum ROI
  • Spike Alert™ to Sales

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