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Outlook for B2B Marketing: A Market in Transformation whitepaper

Resource tile outlook for B2B marketing

Did you know? B2B marketing spending is expected to grow from $49.9 billion to reach $70 billion in the US through 2026.

Based on 200 senior executive survey responses from the US, UK, FR, and Germany in April 2023 along with more than two dozen expert interviews, this Winterberry Group research paper looks into the B2B marketing trends that will drive the transformation of the market over the next several years.

Transformation isn’t without its pain points, but B2B marketers can drive impact today and into the future by evolving their data strategy, content approach, and channel mix. Discover how these trends will shape the B2B landscape and your future marketing strategy.

Read the report for more information on:

  • Changes in buyer behavior
  • Data utilization, data privacy and data practices
  • Navigating the complex technology landscape
  • The emphasis on brand marketing and thought leadership
  • Channel mix impact on content demand and consumption
  • Implications of AI on marketing organizations

Anteriad is proud to sponsor this valuable resource and offer it to B2B marketers like you.