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Rob SanchezNovember 27, 20233 min read

Giving thanks to great opportunity ahead

Enjoy Rob’s latest blog where he reflects with optimism on the company’s values, global growth, innovative AI solutions, and commitment to social responsibility as major reasons to be thankful and excited about opportunities ahead in 2024.

There’s a lot to be thankful for as we close out the year and approach 2024.  I was recently asked in an interview as to what advice I would give my younger self or someone getting into this industry. “Perspective” is what comes to mind. Business cycles come and go and the ability to adapt and overcome is what counts. Economies and markets will always change but at Anteriad, we are bullish and continue to see optimism ahead.  There has never been more opportunity in B2B Data Driven Marketing.  AI has always played a role in our data engineering, intent, analytics and modeling, and the opportunities it presents are huge as long as the underlying data is strong. Our company values serve as a great touchstone, highlighting the great teams, customers and opportunities that make me excited to work at Anteriad.

We strive to “do more and do good” and the holidays help to amplify that message. In our HQ office, I have been moved by the crates of food that were donated and carted off by our staff as we participate in local food drives. It is a small showing of how collaboration strengthens community ties and encourages collective action toward a common cause. It also reinforces the notion that everyone can contribute, even in a small way, to making a difference. I take immense pride in our team’s commitment to owning this value and creating a meaningful impact in the world through their dedicated assistance. Through mentorship, internships, scholarships, and our backing of organizations such as America on Tech, we empower underestimated youth nationwide to take the lead in their education and kickstart their careers.

We care a lot about “leading and learning” at Anteriad. We help customers get out in front, but we wouldn’t be able to do that in such a competitive world unless we were also always learning. We put time and resources into learning every day, from internal experts on data, AI and tech innovations, to product deep dives and cross-team collaboration. We also collaborate with our clients, partners and between our offices around the world. From London, Madrid, Sydney, Singapore, and Bengaluru, we are offering Global B2B Marketing Solutions and have a fully integrated global team working with world-class brands. The results for our customers speak for themselves as we continue to get excellent net promoter scores. As we embark on 2024, we will see even more global collaboration as we reach and connect with all our teams. I look forward to heading to Bengaluru, India, Sydney, Australia and Singapore all in Q1 of 2024 to meet with these important and growing teams.

There’s always an opportunity to lead and learn, and I encourage you to check out our upcoming research presentation about ABM at the B2B marketing conference on December 4.

Similarly, we care about “innovating and inspiring.” We’re excited to see how our AI-based solutions are expanding. As experts in the space for two decades, we are excited about our newest inTNT solution that analyzes intent signals from hundreds of thousands of monthly conversations from EMEA data in many languages, also confirming GDPR consent. We also will continue to develop our technology and data solutions using AI. We’re here not only to deliver customers the very best in B2B marketing solutions – but to be a step ahead, pushing customers to try something new. AI very much falls into that category, which gives our customers access to new insights, better performance, and more efficiency.


Going into the holiday season, I will be focused on our values of “collaborating and celebrating” as well as “doing more and doing good” and I can’t wait to work with all of you to further our work on both


Rob Sanchez

Rob Sanchez, an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur, has served as Anteriad’s Chief Executive Officer since 2012 and leads the vision and strategy for the company. With a career in B2B that has stretched over 25 years, he is recognized as one of the data industry’s most tenured and trusted experts and established the company as a dominant player in global B2B marketing solutions. Rob has been a member of the executive leadership team at Anteriad since its inception in 2000 and served as a Managing Partner from 2009–2012. As one of the original partners of Anteriad, he launched and grew the company’s OmniChannel suite of services into a robust Performance Marketing platform.