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AnteriadAugust 28, 20234 min read

Opportunity Finder gets a Promotion - Introducing the Anteriad Promoter Program


What is the Promoter Program?

The B2B equivalent of Internet ‘influencers,’ Anteriad's Promoter Program is a service that fits under the umbrella of its Opportunity Finder Framework and run by highly trained specialists who work with end users and channel partners to inform them and educate them about a client’s hardware, software, platform and service solutions.

These promoters are multilingual and can serve multiple markets, so are ideally placed to help companies that are looking to land and expand in new territories quickly and effectively without the need to hire full-time staff or set up offices.

They also work with our client’s channel partners. The strategy here is to drive scale of adoption and proactive selling through training and co-selling. The program is closely aligned with Anteriad’s traditional marketing campaigns.


Reach parts of the market other programs cannot reach!

The differentiator for the Promoter Program is that it’s designed to reach the parts of the market not covered by the client’s direct or Anteriad’s direct sales teams and is agile like a special forces unit that can react to quickly to changing field conditions, like tactical moves by competitors.

Anteriad's diverse, international team with 26 languages spoken natively supports global coverage depending on the clients needs and priorities. We currently offer this service across EMEA, US and APAC markets, with coverage in the Middle East, Africa, and countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, and India.

The goal of the program is to increase unit volume sales of a product or increase the adoption of client services directly and indirectly. The primary focus of the Promoter Program is on the mid-market and public sector, areas that are not covered by the enterprise sales teams.

The target audience for Promoter Program are: ITDMs, Value Added Resellers (VAR), Systems Integrators (SI), Managed Service Providers (MSP), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Local OEM’s.


Promoter Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of a Promoter are:

  • Familiarity with a client’s product roadmap, messaging & latest internal promotions. 
  • Advocacy to vendor partners for selling products, services, or TAM expansion where supply is feasible.
    • Focus on developing and delivering against the market opportunity and educating on related technologies.
  • Generate and follow up on end customers' leads with a view to sell. This will include product training and demos as well as long-term follow-up with each prospect.
  • Develop relationships by making visits/phone assessments, providing product updates, problem identification, and resolutions.
    • Should face-to-face contact prove impractical, virtual via MSFT Teams/Zoom/Google Hangouts will be suggested.
  • Lead gen agents will work alongside the promoters to help deliver leads to assist with co-selling.  However, promoters are also expected to generate their own end customer leads through their own business development initiatives.
  • Regular customer visits onsite ensuring regular face to face contact, with ongoing support via phone/email as required.
  • Liaising with Promoter Program counterparts to ensure all leads are successfully loaded and tracked into the client’s CRM system.
  • Internal Service Level Agreement to respond in a timely manner to requests from the central Anteriad team.
  • Maximize support and advocacy by organizing and delivering training for partners.
  • Attend and participate in partner activities, including, but not limited to, product launches, events, and roadshows.
  • Supporting the existing account management team in meeting agreed KPIs and individual account objectives outlined in business plans.
  • Working in tandem with EMEA technical and sales personnel, raising awareness of opportunities and jointly handling leads provided by the client for partner usage.
  • Assembling market data/customer sentiment and reporting back to client
  • Development (in partnership with our digital and creative team) of case studies that reflect the unique benefits of the client’s product, service, or platform.


Reporting Metrics and Cadence

Anteriad Promoters are expected to fulfill the following reporting responsibilities:

  • Attend a weekly teleconference meeting to share activities, plans and help needed.
  • Accurate completion of the deal win/pipeline excel tracker at least 2 hours before the weekly teleconference.
  • Deliver feedback on Market/customer/competitor sentiment.
  • Report opportunities won & lost.
  • Provide details of completed sales trainings delivered by support provided (Number of staff trained)
  • Planned and executed event support.


Additional expectations

Each promoter is expected to actively work with a group of 5 to 10 resellers (usually agreed upon by Anteriad)

Support 1-2 partner events (OEM, Distributors, resellers) per qtr. 

Support 3-5 end customers leads per week by

  • Joining Warm Handover calls with agency and end customer, 1 hour.
  • Following up with customers for training and education on Promoter Program, 2 hours
  • Either matchmaking customers with Anteriad preferred reseller/OEM or connect directly to the customer's preferred reseller and offer Promoter Program Platform training, program advocacy, etc.

Generate 1 end-customer lead per week.  Advocate, train and matchmake with reseller.

Discuss Promoter Program proof of concept, pilot and then full deployment with 2 prospects per month.

Develop 2 case studies per year in partnership with Anteriad's Digital and Creative team.