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How to Prep Your Sales Practices for New Markets

Are you looking to expand your business into new markets? It’s crucial to have the right sales practices in place to successfully break into new territories. Join Tom Castley, Vice President of Sales for the UK at Outreach, for a session on how to prep your sales practices for new markets.

During this session, Tom Castley will share tips and strategies for transforming sales processes, sales and marketing collaboration, and delivering higher revenue in new markets. He’ll provide valuable insights on key differentials to keep in mind when selling to a new market, communication channels that appeal to B2B buyers in the UK, and common mistakes companies make with global marketing.

Tom’s toolkit includes data and automation to remove manual steps from sales processes, which can dramatically boost sales productivity. By following his advice, you’ll be able to improve your sales practices and successfully break into new markets.

Tune in to learn how to prep your sales practices for new markets.