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AnteriadOctober 19, 20233 min read

Scale sales globally through Channel Partners with Channel Concierge

Channel Concierge by Anteriad is a centralized, fully integrated Marketing-as-a-Service for your channel partners.

Companies have recently faced strong headwinds in the form of cutbacks and layoffs, but optimism is starting to grow. Companies such as Meta, Microsoft, and Google reported positive revenue growth for Q2 2023 for the first time following consecutive declines that have persisted as far back as Q4 2021.

Whilst the general outlook of the economy might be slowly improving, it is not smooth sailing just yet. Technology companies have been faced with a fall in demand for products and services as the initial surge in demand caused by Covid-19 has now stabilized. As a result of this, many businesses are under pressure to bring in more deals with reduced sales teams, meaning sales via Channel Partners are more important than ever.

Traditionally used as a robust and complementary part of an IT vendor's go-to-market strategy, value added resellers, (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) are an invaluable extension to a vendor’s sales team, being a reliable source of both pipeline and sales. But when working with multiple partners how can you ensure the messaging in your outreach is cohesive across different markets?

Creating a well-structured demand generation marketing strategy for your channel partners is critical in maintaining a unified brand image, successfully reaching diverse markets, empowering your partners to become an extension of your sales force, and ultimately increasing brand awareness and product adoption.

Working with an agency that provides a proactive demand generation focused concierge service, rather than a self-service model, not only offers genuine value to partners, but also simplifies and improves oversight into leads and sales generated by your channel partners.

Supporting your Channel Partners

Channel Concierge service is a proactive program that provides Marketing-as-a-Service and support for your channel partners. With the choice to create bespoke marketing campaigns or choose out-of-the-box packages, you can centralize your partners’ marketing efforts and ensure your partners’ campaigns are always up to date with your latest messaging and products.

Our concierge service is consultative and supports your partners to expand their outreach efforts and boost sales. Each region is supported by an experienced native speaker who will deliver lead generation campaigns that can be enhanced with digital outreach activity.

Partner and audience focus

Anteriad is demand generation focused and each campaign is backed by our data science team who develop tailored account lists that can be targeted in all marketing channels.

Program Manager

A Program Manager with extensive experience running multi-channel marketing campaigns will be your main point of contact and will support you and your partners throughout the entire process.

Content excellence

Our in-house design and digital team can create bespoke content for your partners, including landing pages, email nurturing tracks and paid media advertising depending on their needs.

Scale with ease

Our services are available in all regions in EMEA with native language coverage in all key markets, as well as North and South America and many regions in APJ.  There is no limit on the number of markets or concierge resources per market, so you can reach your ideal customers no matter where they are based.


Channel Concierge – A Case Study

The Brief:

  • Our client asked Anteriad to provide a concierge service to channel partners in France. 
  • The objective of the campaign was to support partners in registering for a partner program and to increase each partner's business so that they move through the partner program tiers.


What We Did:

  • We deployed a dedicated French native concierge agent.  They were responsible for connecting with partners that have low transaction rates, talking to them about their business, their challenges and what they needed from our client to grow.
  • The concierge agents collected all available insights into the partner business such as number of customers, turnover, key vendors, and upcoming projects.
  • In addition, the concierge shared the latest offers and marketing support from our client and   supported the partners in finding the right technical support when necessary.


The Results:

  • 15 partners moved from T3 to T2 reflecting a $750k increase in revenue.
  • 300% increase in inbound calls.
  • 250% increase in inbound e-mail inquiries.