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Intent Data: Is Your Content Marketing Recipe Missing This Spice?

Posted June 21, 2021

Intent Data: Is Your Content Marketing Recipe Missing This Spice?

Posted June 21, 2021

Content marketing remains a must-have for B2B revenue in 2021. More than 65% of digital marketers actively invest in creating and sharing content to convert prospects into paying customers.

The pain point for marketers is that people don’t have time for unnecessary information. There’s too much content online already, which makes it difficult to get and hold the attention of any audience.

The best solution is to be uniquely relevant. Create content based on the intent of your prospects. What interests motivate their behavior? Use intent data to make personalized content as per the needs of your buyer. It will help your content and eventually your brand stand out.

Use Intent Data to Guide Successful Content Marketing

A content piece usually performs well if it has:

  1. Relevant information – Useful content attracts qualified buyers, leading to more conversions.
  2. Well-developed buyer personas behind it – Clarity on buyer needs and pain points helps brands create purposeful content.
  3. Data-based buyer journey maps – Customer journeys aren’t linear, and B2B marketers must cover all their bases. User experience differentiates. For example, optimize content according to devices prospects use. Use data to understand these touchpoints.
  4. An actionable, intentional CTA – Call to action (CTA) of a content asset should be tailored based on the current journey stage. If in the awareness phase, the CTA should push the buyer towards the consideration stage with another piece of on-target content. 
  5. Human and search engine optimization – Don’t just write for humans, optimize for search engines as well. Use the right keywords to reach the right audience and apply them appropriately in your content. Intent data can help flesh out keyword strategies.

Intent data helps raise the score of B2B content across all these parameters. When brands use intent intelligence to create content that’s relevant and to distribute campaigns more effectively, profitable relationships often follow.

What buyers search for gives an informed view of topics they’re interested in and the kind of content they want. Intent data contributes to better content if you optimize based on the insights. This is what Anteriad intent data does. Marketers can identify B2B organizations looking for specific solutions.

Optimize Content with Intent Data

Based on the kind of content your website visitors and your target prospects consume, you get a clear understanding of their intent and how to bring them along to a solution. Connect their intent with their content choice, and it will give you an insight into what your prospects want to see next.

Sync Content with the Buyer’s Journey

Take your prospect through their buyer journey one step at a time, using a sequence of content assets in sync with each respective stage. Every stage is important. Whether the prospect is in the awareness phase in search of a solution or in the decision-making stage making a purchase, it’s important to know the prospect’s likely next step. Insight into the prospect’s perspective helps you serve them better.

Time Messages Based on Buyer Intent

If you’re not personalizing, you’re not connecting. Customize content to what you know. At the awareness stage, prospects have the intent to seek more information, rather than immediate buying intent. Offer relevant how-to articles, research and blog posts to consume.

In the consideration stage, they compare vendors, and you want to be on the list. Tell your prospects why your offering is better, and why people like them consider it. Deliver it in the form of videos, product reviews, testimonials and infographics.

In the decision-making stage, the prospect is ready to become a buyer. Make the purchasing process easy. Content on landing and product pages should be detailed yet simple and easy to understand.

At each of these stages, infuse the messaging with what you’ve learned from intent intelligence.

Maximize Your Content Marketing Spend

With many B2B organizations increasing their content marketing spend, why not maximize its impact with intent intelligence? Creating content understanding intent signals helps in improving your digital marketing metrics to a great extent. You will see a decrease in bounce rate, and your marketing campaigns would give better results.

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