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Intelligent Database: Smarter Data. Smarter Marketing.

Posted May 17, 2021

Intelligent Database: Smarter Data. Smarter Marketing.

Posted May 17, 2021

Of all the tools available to data-driven B2B marketers, an intelligent database has to be one of the most valuable. This smart system is a full-text database with artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with users and provide information in a natural, useful way. The capabilities go far beyond simple record keeping.

Data-driven B2B organizations need accurate, relevant information more than ever to understand and anticipate buyer needs. B2B companies also need large datasets to train and empower high-power applications like machine learning-based (ML).

Unfortunately, conventional database systems aren’t entirely capable of fulfilling these requirements. As they become increasingly obsolete and fragile, traditional database models can’t deal with large amounts of data that marketers must address.

Intelligent Database for Modern Data Needs

An intelligent database can be defined as a system that manages information in natural ways and makes it easy to store, access and use. It originates by integrating database technologies with artificial intelligence and is based on these three levels of intelligence:

  1. High-level tools
  2. User interface
  3. Database engine

While the high-level tools manage data quality and discover meaningful patterns in data by using AI, the user interface uniformly regulates text, images and numeric data. The database engine supports the other two layers of advanced tools and user interface by combining relational data strategies with object orientation.

Intelligent Database: Different From Traditional Database?

The answer is yes. Compared to traditional databases, intelligent databases are significantly more advanced. Two main aspects differentiate intelligent databases from traditional ones:

  • Full-text search option: Intelligent databases amalgamate databases with AI and machine learning. Traditional relational databases are typically queried based on keywords, phrases and combinations using Boolean operators. Intelligent databases bring full-text search and text-analytics capabilities. They also directly interact with users to understand and deliver relevant information.
  • Although machine-learning plays a crucial role in the modernization of database systems, training these systems effectively takes computational resources, time and effort. Combined with AI, intelligent databases accelerate the specialized training of machine-learning models.

Additionally, intelligent databases manage volume, velocity, complex data governance and challenges associated with ML training. These advanced databases save developer time and optimize resources. 

Intelligent Databases Stand Out in B2B Marketing Landscape

Today, data flows from many directions, and traditional database management systems aren’t quite sufficient for B2B marketers anymore. Sophisticated database management gives access to a large amount of data, plus the means to analyze and process it.

Artificial intelligence within a database management system is poised to transform B2B databases, whether from the cloud or on-premise. By deploying machine-learning models, an intelligent, AI-powered database helps you:

  • Identify meaningful patterns in the information
  • Map and classify data for faster processing and better analytics
  • Access large amounts of shared data for knowledge processing
  • Efficiently manage data and knowledge
  • Preserve investment in existing databases

Reshape Data Management Infrastructure With Intelligent Database

The bottom line is that intelligent databases have a powerful but positive disruptive impact on the data-driven B2B landscape. Combined with AI and machine learning, intelligent databases drive implementation of novel, value-added features over conventional databases.

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