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Business Briefs Relevance Engine

Posted February 23, 2015

Business Briefs Relevance Engine

Posted February 23, 2015

Intelligently link yourself with your next customer.

At Anteriad™, we believe that email advertising is central to our digital economy as it helps support the free online content we have all come to enjoy. We are guided by the premise that email advertising is a valuable source of information – that it can connect people to advertisers, services and ideas that interest them. And, by improving these connections, we can create more value for everyone.

When advertisers deliver ads to people who care about their offers, those ads are naturally more effective and will generate higher returns. That’s why we have worked hard to create technology that makes the advertising on our email platform as relevant as possible. Our LeadPAC™ Relevance Engine™ automatically identifies the right email ad and sends it to the right person at the right time.

Email marketing has been so successful because it is useful to people, advertisers and publishers – everyone’s interests are aligned. We believe that relevance-based email ads will inherently accelerate the same virtuous cycle by giving users more interesting ads while generating higher returns for advertisers.

How does the Relevance Engine Work?

In a nutshell, at the core of the LeadPAC platform is online audience data. We “group” people based on business demographic data such as industry, company size, job function, seniority, subscription information, business registrations and more. Each group is then associated with thousands of B2B ad categories and topics based on aggregated, non-personally identifiable behavioral information.

When you launch your campaign, the LeadPAC Relevance Engine™ automatically identifies those groups that are most likely to find your ad relevant, based on responses to previous, similar campaigns.

The Relevance Engine includes a vast library of topics, grouped into categories. This topic-level grouping allows the Relevance Engine to tap into behavior across similar topics. The library is constantly expanding as more and more topics are added and associated with one another. This real-time, adaptive prioritization ensures that, at all times, your ads are reaching the most relevant people.

Relevance Scoring

For each campaign, the Relevance Engine identifies which groups are included in the list. For each group, it calculates a score based on that group’s aggregated responses to the same or similar topics. Past behavioral responses are weighted according to a series of rules.

For example:
• Different responses, such as opens, clicks and unsubscribes, are weighted differently
• A recent click for the same topic has a heavier weight than a click that happened six months ago.
• A click for the same topic has a heavier weight than a click for a related topic.

As each group is scored, they are ranked in decreasing order of relevance. Groups that fall below a certain scoring
threshold are omitted from the campaign. The groups that will find the ads most relevant are selected to receive
the campaign, and scores and rankings are recalculated real-time as those people respond to the ad.

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