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AnteriadAugust 25, 20212 min read

Personalization at Scale? Yes, You Can.

Personalized B2B marketing is picking up steam and has become standard B2B practice. With the consumerization of B2B marketing, B2B buyers now expect brands to personalize even their early interactions. In the recent Winterberry Group research study, 51% of marketers recognized that personalization is becoming more important in content and media consumption for B2B customers. 

Building your marketing strategy to incorporate personalization at scale once seemed like an impossible task, but now with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) digital marketing leaders can support personalized engagement for customer acquisition and retention across their efforts.

Personalization has become a staple of successful B2B campaigns. Digital marketing leaders have ramped up use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to support personalized engagement for customer acquisition and retention. Personalization through conversational marketing? Try AI. Personalization through intent intelligence from billions of data points? Try AI.

Still, only 17% of digital marketers use AI and ML broadly across marketing applications. Research from Gartner finds that lack of trust inhibits more widespread AI/ML adoption. Even among current users, 73% find it hard to trust AI/ML for important decisions. In reality, raw data is truth, and because AI acts with data, AI itself is also inherently trustworthy. It’s bad actors who cause problems and tarnish AI’s reputation. (At Anteriad, truth is foundational, and marketers know they can trust our data.)

Two Approaches to AI and Personalized Experience

Use of AI/ML is gaining traction for personalization objectives in B2B, following similar trends in the B2C world. In the Gartner study, 84% of digital marketing leaders agreed that AI/ML enhances delivery of real-time, personalized experiences. As B2B marketers become more confident about connecting with buyers on a personal level, Anteriad and Drift have helped fuel the trend.

Both help B2B brands accomplish personalized engagement at scale, but by using AI/ML in different ways. Anteriad and Drift use artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect information about in-market prospects and engage around their needs. For Anteriad, the end goal is to gather intent intelligence; For Drift, it’s conversational marketing.

Helping B2B Brands Engage at Scale

These technologies drive personalization in a similar way - both get at the prospect’s intent. We’re all familiar with the instant, automated yet personalized experience of a good chatbot. “What brought you to our site today?” is how the chatbot engages with each website visitor. Intent data looks at online buyer behavior and turns it into relevant, personalized campaigns to engage prospects.

Drift has deep integrations with sales and marketing platforms. Similarly, Anteriad intent data can be delivered through integrations with marketing automation and CRM. Both approaches help brands get their messages and information to people who will benefit from them and do it at scale.

Put More Personalization in Your Programs

Intent data and chatbots are no brainers in today's personalized landscape. Know what else is a no-brainer? Signing up for the RevGrowth Virtual Summit: Personalization at Scale. To win your race for revenue, take your starting position with Drift, Anteriad and other B2B brands at the Summit.

You’ll be better prepared to leverage AI for personalized experiences to any customer, anytime.



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