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Smash These Five Challenges in B2B Programmatic Advertising

Posted January 27, 2021

Smash These Five Challenges in B2B Programmatic Advertising

Posted January 27, 2021

Programmatic advertising has gained traction these days in the B2B world. By automating the process of buying and optimizing digital campaigns, B2B programmatic advertising increases efficiency and transparency for both advertisers and publishers.

But despite all the benefits and heady forecasts – Global programming advertising spending from 2019 to 2021 – programmatic marketers still face challenges. These uncertainties may raise doubts about how to invest in programmatic marketing to increase B2B sales.

Here we look at how B2B marketers can smash through the obstacles and feel confident in their programmatic advertising strategies.

What Are the Top Five Challenges for B2B Programmatic Marketers?

Challenge #1 – Lack of Transparency

Transparency has always been a crucial part of digital media marketing. You need to know where your banners are served and where your money is spent in the ad tech chain. Without visibility into ad spend, buyers may pay more for the inventory than its actual cost. If you don’t keep track of these data, you can’t make reliable decisions, and eventually, you may be vulnerable to fraud.

Challenge #2 – Ad Fraud

Ad fraud impacts advertisers in terms of both cost and ad quality. There are two types of ad fraud. First is when you as a marketer think you have bought a programmatic ad, but in reality, you haven’t. And, the second is when you run a highly successful ad, but in actuality, its performance metrics are inflated.

For example, The Guardian newspaper tried to buy video ads on its website through unauthorized exchanges in 2018, but 72% of actors posing as sellers of the guardian.com inventory were fake.

Challenge #3 – Lack of Knowledge and Skills

Undoubtedly, when you execute programmatic marketing properly online, you expect growth in conversion rates and reduction in time and money spent to acquire those leads. But unfortunately, this can’t be achieved if you don’t have some knowledge of how programmatic works.

Hence, gaining knowledge about programmatic marketing and equipping teams with the proper skill sets from the beginning is very important. The more you understand your B2B programmatic marketing space, the more accurately you can implement plans and eliminate threats like ad fraud. With so many resources available, there’s no reason not to be uninformed about B2B programmatic marketing.

Challenge #4 – Viewability

Viewability is an online marketing metric used to measure how many impressions are viewed by users. According to IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and Media Rating Council (MRC), at least 50 percent of the banner or creative must display on screen for one second or more to be considered a viewable impression.

Viewability is an important parameter in programmatic, as it helps you to:

  • Measure the quality of the impression
  • Validate that you are getting what you paid for
  • Evaluate the quality of the publisher’s inventory

Challenge #5 – Brand Safety

Mixing low-quality content with prime media or placing ads next to inappropriate content can spoil the image of your brand. Hence, implementing brand safety measures is an important activity to keep a business reputation safe while doing online marketing. It helps B2B marketers to trade ads in a safe environment and reduces risks of ad misplacement.

Prepare Your Programmatic Strategy for 2021

As a B2B marketer, you focus on finding solutions. Your job is to deploy digital media suitable for your business goals, gain knowledge about programmatic, and develop the right skill sets to execute. Prepare your programmatic marketing with this article: B2B Programmatic Marketing: What to Expect in 2021