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Advanced Programmatic Metrics Come From Data-Driven Partners

Posted June 11, 2021

Advanced Programmatic Metrics Come From Data-Driven Partners

Posted June 11, 2021

With Nagendra Sai, Associate Director, Programmatic, Anteriad

A data-driven marketing partner gives you access to advanced programmatic metrics you aren’t likely to see on the dashboards of standard demand-side platforms (DSP). Using our own Anteriad operations as an example, the metrics overview reports we send to programmatic marketers include well over 200 metrics, in categories ranging from user devices to geographic area.

And these metrics can be cross-referenced to create other meaningful KPIs for your campaigns. For example, cross-reference the publisher where your video played, with the video completion rate (VCR) to evaluate the best sources for a late-funnel display run to lift your final pitch.

If you pay attention to programmatic results and partners, start adding these advanced metrics to your conversations.

Advanced Programmatic Metrics Come from Advanced Partners

There are many distinct programmatic metrics available when brands work with skilled partners. These are just a few examples:

  • Average Impression Frequency per Device
  • Video Completion Rates (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • Conversion Pixel
  • Impression Time
  • Video Skip, Start and Error Rate

A lot of information, for sure, but it’s the kind of rich data that shows B2B marketers the meaningful patterns needed to optimize the next programmatic campaign.

Account-Level Custom Reporting

For B2B brands that use programmatic advertising as an entry point to their ABM campaigns, data-driven partners map out journeys and provide custom reports that go well beyond IP and device metrics.

Our data-driven account-level reporting breaks out impressions served by domains of targeted accounts. Anteriad Identity Graph technology correlates billions of online signals, from web browsing to email clicks, to assign a unique identifier to a prospect that tracks all their interactions with our channels. If a user from Big Company X sees an ad on their iPhone in the evening, we recognize that individual and map it back to the account.

Given that we know who’s interacting with your ad, we also know what role they play in the purchase decision. So your account-level custom report includes impressions and clicks by job category. This level of account insight provides compelling intelligence to ABM marketers as they evaluate account readiness for escalation to sales. A high CTR from IT managers on a specification sheet download or data trial may signal the account is trimming its candidates list, and a brand campaign for the executive suite is in order.

You may also find that CTR on display ads simply runs higher in certain job categories, and with downstream attribution, you may still find these campaigns to be a success. These insights can also extend to triggering email campaigns and even phone-based outreach. (Just a note: We also include leads generated via our content syndication programs in our account-level custom report to provide full visibility into how an account is responding to cross-channel efforts.)

As with any data-driven marketing, this account-level programmatic targeting takes planning. We work with our ABM practitioner clients to set up these programs as part of our consulting services.

More Data, More Analysis, Better Results

Programmatic advertising is a powerful channel for B2B marketers at every stage of the purchase journey, from engagement to the final buy decision. Working with a data-driven partner lets advertisers more accurately target prospects by account, role and purchase intent, and to see advanced programmatic metrics based on that finely detailed data. It’s an investment in data and planning that’s more than repaid by the results.