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6 Tips: Lead ABM Engagement with Attention-Getting Content

Posted May 18, 2021

6 Tips: Lead ABM Engagement with Attention-Getting Content

Posted May 18, 2021

Account-based marketing (ABM) is more impactful than other B2B demand generation strategies largely due to the ease of using relevant, personalized content.

95% of B2B buyers choose a solution provider that “provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.”

Relevant content separates your brand from the digital clutter, builds a unique persona for you, and creates a memorable first impression with your buyer.According to ITSMA, 75% of executives read unsought marketing content relevant to their business.

How to Create Relevant Content for ABM Personas

Relevant B2B content generally falls under these categories:

  1. Personalized to a business issue
  2. Industry-targeted
  3. Account-level personalization

Begin with insights you already have about topics of interest to personas within your accounts. Leverage business models, pain points, industry trends, intent signals and other data to hyper-personalize content for accounts. ABM is an active strategy, so go out and get good content in front of your most valued contacts.

6 Tips for Engaging Through Content in ABM

Most B2B content tends to focus one-to-many, while ABM requires content that is one-to-one or one-to-few. Live human interaction is uniquely valuable, so consider leveraging live event and direct engagement touches to also bring a prospect closer to sales. ABM targets the buyer group one job role at a time, looking at each account as a tightly knit team communicating across departments. Here are other

Many B2B teams find these to be some of the most effective ways to create quality content for ABM campaigns:

1 – Focus on Buyer Group Convergence

Create content aligned with the objectives of the buying group around solutions and best practices. Convergence is an alternative to over-personalization, as per the informative book: The Challenger Customer. Focusing on convergence facilitates collective learning of the buying team as a whole rather, than appealing to individual needs. Having this view makes you a more effective account-based seller.

2 – Marketing and Sales Alignment

We’ve all heard this before, but it’s still part of the B2B revenue formula. Marketing and sales teams need to work closely when it comes to ABM campaigns. Content that’s in sync with conversations taking place sounds basic, but it’s not that common. Content that helps create new relationships and make existing ones better is another key goal. To do this, both marketing and sales need to focus content on issues the sales team needs to discuss.

3 – Audit Your Existing Content

What’s in your existing content library? Anything relevant to your ABM messaging? Once you have a clear idea about your target audience, you can then scan through your existing content based on those parameters. From there, figure out which content assets play a role in different stages of the buyer’s journey for each persona.

The next step: determine how your sales team can leverage content to have better conversations with prospects and customers. Is marketing meeting that need with the content they produce? An audience-driven content audit is a must to make your ABM campaigns more effective. Intent intelligence can reveal patterns and trends about content consumption for your target ABM audiences.

4 – Make It Easy for Sales Team to Use Marketing Content

Your company’s sales team should be in sync with your content marketing strategy. Unless sales uses the available content to the fullest, it won’t make much impact on account engagements. Have a process in place that regularly updates your sales team regarding available content, pain points the content addresses, and how to use it.

5 – Be Specific with Content Topics

High-impact ABM content is a one pillar of engagement around specific issues. Relating at a more personalized level drive sales conversations more effectively. Although less-detailed content works at the top of the funnel, as the prospect and buying team move through, you also need content that addresses niche issues in more depth.

6 – Measure Content Impact on a Buying Group

In addition to tracking the effect of content on individual prospects, measure impact on the buying team. You’ll continually learn better ways to structure and deliver content for ABM engagement.

Overall, content marketing amplifies the impact of account-based marketing campaigns. It’s all about taking simple steps that will help you leverage content resources for highly targeted accounts.

Intent Intelligence – Not Just for ABM

Maybe you’ve heard of B2B brands using ABM to drive revenue. 80% organizations said intent data helped them in account prioritization and lead scoring in their ABM campaigns. Want to know how intent data helps B2B organizations with ABM campaigns, get our DemandGen Report on intent’s expanding impact.