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5 Ways AI Serves Programmatic and Online Marketing

Posted February 26, 2021

5 Ways AI Serves Programmatic and Online Marketing

Posted February 26, 2021

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming digital strategies and helping companies achieve better customer insights. Development of cognitive technologies like AI and Machine Learning (ML) has been a revolutionary step in the programmatic and online marketing landscape. From Siri or Alexa to Tesla’s self-driving automatic car, more and more businesses realize the power of AI in building the future, and that also applies to online marketing. 

With AI in their stack, B2B marketers can collect and analyze relevant buyer data and reach prospects at the right time. AI makes it possible to achieve fast, accurate results and generate actionable insights and predictive analytics. Not surprising that according to Gartner Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing, 2020, AI is one of the most important technologies for marketing leaders, especially for digital and programmatic marketing. 

5 Ways AI Helps Programmatic and Online Marketing

As more marketers embrace AI for new paths to positive business outcomes, we see ongoing transformation of programmatic and digital marketing. 

You can boost ROI and conversion rates using AI in your marketing stack. Here are some ways in which AI is helping online marketers accelerate desired results.

1.   Building programmatic marketing strategies

You can automate the manual tasks of purchasing, selling and placing your ads on relevant websites. AI and high-end algorithms automate real-time bidding processes to help marketers make online ad purchases targeting specific groups of users. AI and machine learning together determine how much to bid on ads and deliverads to target users more efficiently. 

2. Designing personalization campaigns

Personalization is key to elevated buyer experience and brand loyalty. When you remember your buyer’s choices and preferences, when you know buyer behavior and demands, you can structure marketing campaigns relevant to their needs. AI identifies and analyzes buyer personas, thus creating personalized offers and messaging content. Personalization campaigns fuel site traffic, buyer engagements and conversion rates.

3. Improving content quality and communication

Ad campaigns are great, but creative content is the recipe for online marketing success. Your campaigns will not succeed if your content doesn’t resonate with your buyers. AI composes detailed analytics reports revealing actionable data insights. Data-informed content creation leads to effective communication and conversational channels with buyers across the marketing funnel. Chatbots and Natural Language Processing (NLP) allow buyers to communicate their queries efficiently with machines through texts and voice. With AI, you can see how your users engage with content, i.e. leaving half way or viewing the full content.

4. Streamlining marketing strategies

There are many touch points where you can gather data, but data analysis is crucial to streamline marketing decisions. Integrated marketing with AI provides accurate and faster data insights, more efficient optimizations, higher ROI and better user experiences. AI automates manual tasks, giving online marketers more time for developing marketing ad campaigns and strategies.

5. Automating campaign orchestration

B2B marketers can map millions of ad impressions and device identifiers to get relevant content to very targeted buyers, all thanks to the power of AI. You can coordinate buyer experience in real time and encourage continuing brand engagements. AI enables broad campaign orchestration, i.e. deploying and analyzing marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Prospective buyers are everywhere, scattered in infinite variations across online channels. Targeting them with the right content and at the right time is crucial. AI makes this seemingly complex process fast, efficient and accurate. To keep your creative juices flowing, browse our blogs and resources for more digital marketing insights. 

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