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3 Ways Content Syndication Helps Fill Your Lead Pipeline

Posted October 5, 2021

3 Ways Content Syndication Helps Fill Your Lead Pipeline

Posted October 5, 2021

To succeed with lead nurturing programs, marketers must be ready to unlearn what historical experience has taught them so far and reset strategies to align with today’s buyer journey. It can also involve overhauling the entire content syndication program—right from the first prospect engagement all the way to conversion. You might face issues if your emails have increased views, but lower conversion rates This leads to two key questions:

1. Why some B2B marketers fail to create a healthy lead pipeline 

2. How can they fix it?

Let’s dig in.

Challenges B2B Marketers Face in Setting up their lead funnel

Targeting Right Audience: You can’t deliver personalized experiences and communications when you don’t know your potential buyers and their requirements. Optimal marketing meets the needs of buyers at every stage in the B2B buyer journey – which comes from knowing buyers’ personal preferences, buying behavior, online engagements, and pain points.

Generating Qualified Leads: Today’s content marketing landscape is highly competitive, thanks to fast-paced digital disruptions and smartphone penetration. Features like geo-targeting ads, push notifications, and tailored messages already capture your users with relevant information. Generating qualified leads, therefore, can become a challenge.

Low ROI: Tracking revenue across multiple non-linear interactions and convoluted purchase processes can be a rough road. When there are several points of contact before purchase happens, organizations struggle to prove ROI.  

How Content Syndication Helps Fill Your Lead Pipeline

Creating relevant destination content with substance is the key to attracting warm leads. Let’s look at how B2B content syndication helps in filling your lead pipeline.

#1. Generates highly targeted warm leads: Targeted prospects are most likely to convert. Content syndication uses Gated Content to generate targeted leads. Gated content offers the ability to capture prospect information so you can reach them again with more strategic lead generation activities. The result: you build your pipeline with new sales leads you hadn’t previously accessed. Make sure you are suppressing contacts (and sometimes even accounts!) if you are pursuing a net-new strategy. 

#2. Reaches the audience directly: 75% of B2B marketers think buyers need immediate answers to their queries… but do prospects actually get that? Intent, data-driven content syndication helps you create fresh, insightful content. When your content provides significant value to your prospects, you will experience greater open- and click-through rates. Additionally, you can create or repurpose existing content to encompass different forms versus plain text

#3. Builds strong buyer relationships: What’s more important than just collecting a pile of contacts? It is “building timeless relationships with your prospective buyers.” Content Syndication helps you achieve that status with your prospects by establishing you as a thought leader and valued content provider to your most-prized prospects.  

Explore the value of coupling your content syndication strategies with strong lead generation efforts today.  

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