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White Paper Syndication: Fool-Proof Formula for B2B Lead Generation

Posted July 23, 2021

White Paper Syndication: Fool-Proof Formula for B2B Lead Generation

Posted July 23, 2021

White papers rank among the most effective content types for b2b lead generation. Developing a white paper or other long-format content alone won’t spur leads, however. Distribution strategies are just as crucial. Herein lies the value of white paper syndication. It lets B2B brands reach relevant audiences via diverse channels, including:

  • Email
  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Paid/free sites
  • Sales calls

How White Paper Syndication Generates B2B Leads

1. Brands Gain Exposure and Expertise Expansion

Whitepapers gain huge market exposure through syndication. If your website reaches thousands of readers, whitepaper syndication may double the reach in one go. Quality content, however, is crucial to converting readers into leads.

Content syndication also builds your brand as a subject matter expert and thought leader. It distinguishes your company from the competition in a crowded online space.

2. Traffic and Backlinks Generation Boost SEO Value

White paper syndication serves as a great tool to increase organic website traffic. Google, for example, equates syndicated pieces with greater authority when credible sites accept them. You’ll get an uptick in quality traffic as your content appears higher in search results.  Additionally, content drives buyers to your site through quality backlinks from syndication partners. In this example, Auth0 Senior Web Strategy and SEO Manager Scott Mathson leveraged content syndication (among other strategies) to increase the website’s backlink profile from 200K to 4.4 million (2100% growth). This improves your site’s E-A-T credibility in the eyes of Google.

Image Source: Auth0
Image Source: Auth0

3. High-Potential Leads Acquisition

Syndicated programs with gated access provide value to prospects in exchange for their contact information. B2B marketers entice visitors to take action with this inbound engagement tactic. An authoritative, in-depth white paper is placed in front of an audience with high purchase potential, so you can be confident that many of these leads have a serious interest.

Note: In the top-of-funnel awareness stage, avoid using gated content, as prospects aren’t familiar with your brand. Use gates as you progress through the funnel. If you provide good, ungated content with calls to action, prospects will seek you out.

Next Step – How to Choose a Whitepaper Syndication Partner

A low-stress way to accomplish content syndication is by working with a trusted provider. These syndication professionals run, test and measure campaigns and help you reach decision makers matching your target criteria.

Syndication partners aren’t hard to find, but you have to think about what you really need. Many good sources (both free and paid) exist for promoting content, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Other partners offer more of a content portal or publishing site as part of their offerings. They often syndicate content from a variety of brands, and content may be gated. Some are industry-specific, and content may be positioned differently, with the site being the source, rather than the brand itself. This sometimes helps with third-party content credibility.

Avoid syndicating white papers on low authority or spammy sites. (A good partner keeps you safe from these issues.) These sites will affect your brand’s SEO. Also, don’t overspend on content distribution and campaigns. White paper and long-format content writing is itself a costly process. Decide wisely who you’ll collaborate with and how. Find out how they can use content syndication as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Crush Lead Gen Goals with Content Syndication

White paper and other syndication will fuel business and brand growth in the long run. Start with a relevant, useful piece and a reliable syndication partner to make this journey a breeze. Check out these content syndication blogs to learn more: