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Use Intent Data To Scale Your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Posted October 4, 2021

Use Intent Data To Scale Your Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Posted October 4, 2021

The marketing landscape is becoming highly fragmented. No two customers think or act alike. The result: new marketing channels, platforms, and technologies keep sprouting up to respond to changing buyer behavior. Organizations are finding it hard to break through the noise and stay relevant. 

Some marketers might not have the budget to spend on multiple marketing channels. Some prospects might need to be re-targeted with programmatic ads, some would need a social media outreach through an influencer, and some may want to connect directly through email or phone. The million-dollar question is- “How do marketers ensure that they are present where their target audience is – and offer a consistent brand messaging to customers ?” “How can they scale up their marketing efforts without burning their pockets?”

The solution is to scale your integrated marketing campaigns with intent data. Let’s explore a few recommendations.

Audience targeting – Select the right demographic before running your integrated marketing campaign

Prospects get bombarded with 10000 ads daily. They are not interested in most of them because they aren’t relevant to their pain points. Don’t let your audience scroll through. Establish your target audience and their interests before reaching out.


  1. Their job title
  2. Their education level
  3. Their industry
  4. Their organization
  5. Their pain points
  6. Type of content they consume
  7. Types of events they attend

Intent data answers most of these questions for you. Combine these insights with the data in your own systems and based on that, mark your ideal demographic. 

Activating and running campaigns – how a marketing cloud delivery platform helps

Marketing cloud maintains a unique history of the kind of messaging marketing teams have used, are using and will use. Sales can get better insights from these marketing clouds on the messaging that resonates with customers. 

It helps in seamless content collaboration between marketing and sales. 

For example, if an infographic made by the marketing team is getting a lot of engagement across different platforms, sales can send it directly to other customers and prospects they have identified, assisted by their Marketing Cloud solution. 

When sales have access to the library of content that the marketing team uses, they will have a plethora of content assets to engage with prospects at different levels of the buyer’s journey. A marketing cloud can help with this, helping to filter engagement by asset and topical interest.

Hand-offs between marketing and sales become more coordinated. When sales fail to convert a prospect to a closed-won opportunity, they can move them to nurture campaigns in the marketing cloud, for example. Maybe that account wasn’t ready to buy *today*, but will next quarter. They can focus on other prospects while marketing continues with their nurture campaigns. 

Accurate, actionable data, all in one place lets you make better resourcing and campaign decisions. Sales teams will know everything about the accounts they are working on, and marketing teams will know exactly when and how your accounts are engaging.

Explore multiple channels 

Gartner says Integrated campaigns across four or more channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%

Define your campaign goals. Every content channel and the type of content published there serves a different purpose.Research where your prospects spend the most time and customize your message accordingly to the appropriate marketing channel. 

Components of an integrated marketing campaign include-

  • Content Syndication
  • Paid online search
  • Direct mail
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Print advertising
  • Programmatic Display
  • And more!

Choose your marketing channels based on brand identity, target audience, and goals. Test new channels regularly, and let data be your guide. 

Automate – your lead nurture process

What’s the plan once leads roll in? How do you process, qualify, and nurture a lead?

Automate sending nurture emails to your new leads. Renew/eliminate manual lead processing with better data on the back end. Automate lead verification and upload process by moving leads to the sales funnel faster.

Your lead nurturing messages should align with the content you use to engage with your prospects. It helps to ensure you are giving them a seamless content experience.

How can Anteriad help scale your integrated marketing campaigns?

Reach the right audiences and increase your conversion rates

We provide quality data to ensure you reach the right audiences. Highly validated, company, contact, and intent data to uncover buying signals from buying groups, companies, contacts, and devices across every channel.

Focus on the right accounts to drive higher conversions

Orchestrate engagement across all channels and normalize data so that sales and marketing have a single source of rich and accurate data. Engage buyers with accurate information and highly customized content based on their intent signals.

Activate engagement across every channel and increase your pipeline

Execute integrated marketing campaigns at scale and measure your campaign results with ease. Align sales and marketing teams to understand and track account engagement across multiple channels. Use real-time reporting for cross-channel optimization and personalization and convert deals faster.

Anteriad’s proprietary intent process gathers and analyzes data from multiple channels. It identifies members of a buying group and shows when users are engaged. It makes orchestrating across channels simpler and gives you the confidence to execute integrated marketing campaigns at scale.

Be our next customer, and scale your integrated campaigns at ease.