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Truth Matters: 5 Ways to Grow Trust in Marketing

Posted April 30, 2021

Truth Matters: 5 Ways to Grow Trust in Marketing

Posted April 30, 2021

It sounds so obvious: Build your business on principles of truth and honesty, because trust in marketing pays huge dividends. With truth-based marketing, you gain:

  • Elevated response rate
  • Extreme loyalty
  • Repeat business
  • Referral customers
  • Larger profits

Top B2B companies have created a recognizable brand by standing for truth and integrity, thereby striking a chord — and bond — of trust with buyers.

The Importance of Trust in Business

Today, distrust outweighs trust in marketing and business in general. A Edelman Trust Barometer survey of 34,000+ respondents reveals a decline in customer trust in 2020 compared to 2019.

Image Source: 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Report

According to this report, trust in the technology sector dropped from 78 percent to 75 percent in just a year. Similarly, other industries like automotive, healthcare and energy witnessed the trust downfall.

With that said, today’s B2B prospects don’t trust business speeches and annoying ads to guide them in buying decisions. Instead, they rely on word-of-mouth and trust in people rather than trust in marketing.

5 Ways to Build Trust in Marketing

You may find it hard going at first, but certain practices can restore buyers’ lack of trust in marketing processes.

1 – Educate Buyers About Your Brand

Users can’t trust you if they don’t know what your business is up to. Consider educating buyers about your brand. We understand it’s the buyer’s responsibility to perform due diligence before purchasing. However, it’s also the marketer’s duty to:

  • Talk to prospects about quality
  • Advertise without misleading statements
  • Fully disclose without concealing defects

Make it your obligation to stay honest and transparent throughout the decision-making journey. This is how you win a buyer’s trust.

2 – Share Your Data Practices

Tell your buyers how you use their data, and incorporate data privacy and security measurements from the start. Transparency about the use and protection of customer data reinforces trust.

Today, many people are unsure why they receive certain email alerts and notifications for upcoming deals. It’s time to speak to prospects individually about their data usage in the clearest terms possible. Understanding and trust in marketing opens people to more engagement and business with a brand.

Give buyers the ability to pick and choose what they sign up for, thus complying with data protection laws, like GDPR and CCPA. The principle of providing people with control of their data exchange is a sign of respect.

3 – Promote Transparency at All Levels

Staying transparent isn’t only about quality and price. It also includes simple aspects like publishing phone numbers or email addresses of sales staff, so people can interact directly. Sometimes publishing blogs of senior leaders such as CEO, CTO and other C-suite executives promote transparency too. 

Transparency fosters trust in your brand, even in circumstances that might otherwise undermine it. 

4 – Don’t Over-Promise

If a brand is only after quick money, manipulating buyers by over-promising will definitely help — short term. At the same time, it also ensures that later, people won’t buy from you again and will likely tell their friends and peers the same.

In a haste to stand out, some brands risk having the buyer feel the seller has under-delivered. For lasting relationships yielding high Lifetime Value (LTV), truth-based marketing is the only route to go down.

5 – Examine your Trust Rating

Lastly, take time to study your website. What do you think? Are there any vague statements in it? Rewrite your content if it throws the wrong conclusion to visitors.

Build trust factors into your page by:

  • Constantly monitoring webpage content
  • Eliminating false or inflated claims
  • Not presenting promotional materials as educational content
  • Removing vague testimonials 
  • Verifying advertiser’s reputation 

Aggressively pursuing truth-based marketing makes buyers appreciate your honesty. 

Bottom Line – Market with Integrity

In a world where trust matters, build a brand that aligns with core values like truth and honesty. When you associate your business with these principles, buyers will listen and tell others about you. Read how Anteriad lives by the motto of “Truth Matters”.